You can’t keep a good traffic source down…

So as you know if you’ve read my last couple blog posts, I’ve been focusing lately on “T-shirt marketing” via Facebook Ads and sites like etc.  It seems like a huge opportunity to me and frankly, all the other stuff I’d been doing with traffic for years had seemed to run its course.

The other day I was chatting in Skype with Gauher Chaudhry (my first real mentor in this business and now someone I’m proud to call a true friend) and he was really surprised to hear I was getting into T-shirts.

I was a little surprised he was surprised.  I mean after all, even he’s focusing the majority of his time on things outside of CPA offers now.  Surely he must not be doing much with PPV traffic anymore himself, right?

Well it turns out, he does still run a good amount of PPV, and makes good money from it.  Even just straight CPA offers!  But his primary focus has been building lists that he can profit from long into the future.

This really shocked me, because my own testing in 2010 and 2011 showed PPV overall to be a “dead horse” that I wasn’t willing to keep flogging.  I wasn’t even getting decent optin rates anymore to lists.

I decided I needed to find out more about PPV for list building in 2014 because obviously, I’ve missed something.  And heck who knows, maybe I can use it to augment my Facebook traffic with T-shirts.  Anything’s possible.

Gauher has agreed to join me on a webinar this coming Tuesday September 23rd, 2014 at 8PM Eastern time.  We’ll discuss PPV for list building today, and what exactly he’s doing with it.  If you’ve ever been on one of our webinars, you know we tend to pretty much just wing it as we go along, take questions, etc.  It’s all pretty informal, but the information shared is always world-class.

So if you’re interested in hearing about traffic methods in 2014 and especially my personal favorite, PPV… I suggest you join us.  Here’s the signup page for the webinar.  I hope you can make it, this should be really good!

Oh and he has a free report you can opt-in to get, if you’re completely new to PPV.  I’d suggest at least being familiar with the concepts presented.  His free reports are usually as good or better than some paid courses, so I suggest grabbing it if this form of traffic interests you at all.

See you on the webinar!



In case you missed it, I’m starting a private Facebook mastermind group for apparel marketers.  Check out the post about it here if you’re interested in being added.

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