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I’m in the final stages of preparation for releasing WPGen, and I just finished this overview video as part of the tutorials.  I thought I’d put this one up publicly since it will probably help a lot of people to better understand what WPGen is and what it will do for them!

[cdnvault]height=300|width=400|mode=videos|autoplay=true|file=wpgen-overview.m4v|title=WPGen Overview[/cdnvault]

38 thoughts on “WPGen Overview Video

  1. October 31, 2011

    I am interested in finding out the cost of the WPGen. I don’t believe I have ever purchased your original program.

    Thank you,

    Tim Weston

  2. Jonathan,

    I am interested in this software and I think it will be helpful for me, but I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to dynamic content and I am a little confused about how one would use such tokens.

    No, I don’t need full explanation about every conceivable method, but if you could explain to me just one thing, I’d sure appreciate it.

    How do these tokens get triggered? Meaning, if a user does not search for mysite.com/his-keyword then how is this content generated?

    Essentially, where is the dynamic keyword coming from?

    I know there is a simple answer and I am just stuck in an old, static mentality.

    Dynamic Idiot

  3. Really, you pulled my comment?

    Not sure why as it contained a legitimate question from a ready to roll buyer. Not sure about your business sense, but I guess you’re the boss and you know what’s right.

    I, on the other hand, will simply unsubscribe from your list.

    Take care,

  4. Jerry, I’m afraid you’ve jumped to some pretty extreme conclusions. I hadn’t approved your comment yet, nor anyone else’s. I certainly didn’t “pull” a comment. I moderate all comments due to absurd volumes of spam if I don’t.

    TO answer your question, the keywords used to trigger the content, are provided in the URL. So if your blog was installed at http://www.domain.com/blog/ then your permalink might be http://www.domain.com/blog/post-title/ and your WPGen link with a keyword attached might be http://www.domain.com/blog/post-title/your-keyword/ . This would cause WPGen to return dynamic content, depending on the tokens you used, for “your keyword”.

    If you were doing paid traffic, you might make your link look something like:


    using whatever token the network provides for inserting the current keyword.

    If you’re doing SEO, you just set up your linking and drive traffic in to any of your individual keyword links, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish exactly.

    Hope that helps clear it up!


  5. Jonathan,

    You’re absolutely right and I apologize for that. An hour or so after I posted, I came back and my post was gone, even after refreshing several times to make sure.

    It wasn’t until posting my snappy response that my original comment re appeared. I was so proud. 🙂

    Oh well, thanks for the detailed clarification on my question and once again, my apologies for jumping to conclusions. I guess I’m just tired and a bit jaded by product after product, guru after guru and nothing to show for it.

    You’ve always been a good inspiration to me though so thanks for that and I’ll be nice for now on.


  6. LOL no worries Jerry, sounds like WP maybe hiccuped or something. If your post showed up originally then you must have previously been approved, don’t know why it would disappear/reappear. Go figure. I can tell you with total authority due to my recent project, that WP can be a big fat PAIN sometimes!! 😉

    Take care,


  7. Hey Jonathan

    Can’t wait to get started with WPGen.. Your intro video is grteat, just a taster of the Power of WPGen that’s going to be available..

    Also FYI, as I mentioned earlier, the Thesis theme runs sweet now with WPGen..

    Many thanks

    – G

  8. This looks like a very powerful tool. Used LPGen before, but it was too much of a tech hurdle for me.

    Does this have any themes limitations? Do you have any idea whether or not this will work with Artisteer generated themes?

    Again, great work!


    • Hey Tony,

      There aren’t any known theme limitations, but I’m sure there are some somewhere. At one point there was an issue with Thesis but I fixed it during the beta.

      I played with Artisteer some time ago, very cool program… it didn’t seem to generate terribly complex themes so I wouldn’t expect problems, but wouldn’t be able to say with certainty until it was tested. If you have a specific theme you’ve made with Artisteer, send it to me and I’ll gladly test it for you. 🙂


  9. Thanks Jonathan. There isn’t one I particularly worried about. Artist. has come a long way and I use it quite a bit.

    One other question. With LPGen, if I remember right, it was possible to create cloaked pages… pages that showed one thing to humans and something else to spider eyes. Is that a feature of WPGen as well?



  10. WPGen has the ability to hide the dynamic content (or any other element of your page) if you wish, but doesn’t currently have the “whole page cloaking” like LPGen does. I may add that to WPGen as well if there’s enough demand for it. That kind of cloaking seemed to have gone “out of style” as the search engines are so much smarter these days.


    • LOL thanks Barbara… not too bad for a guy who barely got through high school, never took the SATs, and didn’t go to college. 😉

  11. hi jonathen

    i have a few questions regarding this new bundle package

    1. will it still be worth getting lp gen if I have wp gen??

    2. regarding content generation. would this be considered duplicate content?? and would hinder seo efforts??

    3. I am a newbie with this so I hope there are tutorials to walk us thru the complete process. yes??



  12. Hi Eddie, sorry for the delay… didn’t get notified of your comment!

    So to answer the questions…

    1. If you’re a 100000% WordPress user who would never have cause to want to do URL redirection/tracking or landing pages outside of WP, then no I suppose LPGen is pretty pointless for you. Personally, I like knowing I have the option for either. Sometimes I just want to set up a URL redirection hub without going to the trouble of setting up a DB, installing WP, etc. At those times, LPGen is great to have handy.

    2. “Duplicate Content” is a tricky thing and I think most people misunderstand it. Traditionally, Google’s definition has been very clear: Duplicate Content referred to “substantially the same” content on the same domain. So they don’t want you using the same page changing only the meta keywords tag, a thousand times, for example. But the same article/content on DIFFERENT domains was not an issue. That’s changed recently and Google has made it clear they are now looking at the same content on different domains as well, but more than anything they care about how you’re PRESENTING that content to the user. User Experience is king. So for example if you were taking existing news stories and presenting them in a fashion that people just loved, that would probably be fine. But then again, it’s Google… they can change their mind in an instant!

    3. There are I believe 25 videos currently, and I have a whole pile more on my list to make, especially some more advanced ones. And of course I’m available for any questions. But I can’t know ahead of time what *your* specific process will be, so I’m sure I haven’t covered everything you’ll want to know how to do. 🙂

    Hope that helps!


  13. Hi Jonathan,

    This looks brilliant! I just have a few questions before pressing the “buy” button:

    1. Can you add auto-generated Google Maps to a page to make it more local?

    2. I am still not fully understanding what LP Gen does, is it exactly the same as WP Gen but not on the WP platform? The bundle looks appealing but I wasn’t sure if I need LP Gen. I was looking to add WP to my server just to use this product but if I have the option of either, rock on! I may just get both.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Great work, this is a really exciting product!



    • Hi Brandon, nice to hear from you.

      1. You can, but it’s not a “built in” feature. I actually just built a Google Local module for a client, for displaying local businesses based on a geolocated IP. Same thing could definitely be done for Google Maps. If you’re not technically inclined enough to do it yourself, then you can wait for me to come out with it, shouldn’t be very long now. 🙂

      2. LPGen is much the same as WPGen but not on WordPress, but not EXACTLY the same. WPGen has received a number of additional features that have not yet been ported to LPGen. I intend to keep the two product as evenly-matched as I can, except of course for features which would require WordPress.

      I’m finding personally that with the combination of WPGen and WordPress, there is almost nothing I can’t build and deploy very quickly. I’m working on a project for a large corporate client now and I’ve been able to create in a matter of days, things that their entire team couldn’t have built in months using their current custom tools.


  14. Hi Jonathan,

    LPgen owner here… we lost touch when I changed email addresses after spammers overpowered me on that previous addie.

    Interesting stuff and I’d like to see the details and what you have for LPgen owners

    Haven’t been able to load the video here, despite several visits, over several days. BTW, Flowplayer seems craps out so often for so many people, you should consider a setup another alternate page with Camtasia standard code which always buffers out on other global connections.

    See… you see flowplayer working from Santa Clara and think its all okay, when outside the states it likely is not.

    If you get another vid location, let me know


    • Hey Jan! It’s been ages… I wondered where you’d gone off to!

      Drop me a line in my support desk… support @ this domain.com. I’ll fill you in on all the fun details. 😉

      Thanks for the heads up on the video. I haven’t heard much in the way of complaints from anyone else, but I’m not entirely thrilled with FlowPlayer anyway. Been considering switching to EasyVideoPlayer but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I don’t relish the idea of switching out all the existing flowplayers I’m using with EVP… though I suppose at some point it will need to be done.

      You might just try grabbing the video directly off of S3 and watching it in whatever you like. I left that one unprotected so I could play it from places like this blog.

      Anyway, let’s catch up!


    • It really depends on the content source. If you’re trying to pull articles for a keyword that, most likely, nobody has written about… then you won’t likely get anything back. But if you’re using the scraper, it will pull content for dang near anything since it’s using RSS feeds and other sources to pull that content. More than anything it depends on the particular dynamic content option you choose to use.

      Hope that helps!


  15. Did you ever come out with the Google Local module? And will that be included in WP Gen? Does WP Gen come with a recommended template?

    • I have not yet released the google local module, but I think I’m going to make it an optional module at a very modest price. Not everyone wants all the modules so I’m moving towards an “ala carte” model I think for the future.

      WPGen doesn’t come with any specific theme or template, but I highly recommend ProfitsTheme as a good place to start, I use it myself and it’s great for sales pages, membership sites, etc. I’m using it for almost all of my sites & sales pages now.

  16. If someone was to to use WPGen for Adwords PPC, using several hundred (not necessarily several thousand) keywords per campaign, would you recommend getting a dedicated server?

    I have a feeling a Hostgator Baby account won’t even stand it after a couple of page loads, especially when disabling the cache.

    Thanks for all the great value you’ve provided over the years.

    • My general “rule of thumb” is, if you’re making $10 or more in profit per day average, you have no business being on a low end shared host. Your server is THE lynchpin of your business, so spend a little money on something more reliable and robust!

      So I try to base it on profits rather than traffic… although I find that with PPV as soon as you send more than maybe $10 an hour of traffic, you’ll cause serious problems on a low-end host, so in that respect I say just plain don’t even DO PPV or any high-volume traffic strategies on a low end host.

      Hope that helps!


  17. hi, how do i tie up LPgen or WPgen with any offers regardleass a cpa offer, or buy this offer on a iframe gain loss traffic method or auto responder method. DO I link back the auto responder lp to the iframe as the loss traffic is rerouted back to me… aaaaa how do I do that… does LPgen or WPgen remedy this iframe case or is it worlds apart… or do u know any course that teaches me to do that… thanks

  18. I’m always late to the show. Was going to buy the combi pack of lpgenx and wpgen now offer has been taken off. Damn it. And my friend and was watching payperclick v3 were it mentions this highly. Damn it. Really wanted to purchase this right now. Please tooltrainer please I beg you to send me a link were I can quickly purchase the combo. Please.

    • Sorry for your timing Steve! I took it down recently because I plan to release a significant update for both products, and wanted to focus solely on that in order to actually finish it, rather than continuing to bring in new customers on the prior versions. Hang in there, go through PPCF in detail and really understand it, so that you can hit the ground running when I release the software again. =)


  19. I would also like to have an update on when this new amazing software is coming out. what type of features will it have that make is so powerful?

    • Nothing yet, I’ve been running at max capacity for nearly 2 years on a large project. Really itching to give WPGen some love again and I have a few new bits & pieces done and others started, but I’ll need a chance to really focus on it for a while before I release it again.


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