Would you like me to help you?

For those who just want to skip to the point and make
a decision, here’s the short version:

I’m offering private 1-on-1 consulting via Instant
Messenger as a monthly subscription, to help you out
and answer whatever questions you may have in your
online business. I am only accepting 100 people at
this time. To apply go to
https://tooltrainer.com/consulting.php right away.

Now for those who like details…

I’ve been asked countless times over the years, if I
do personal coaching/mentoring or have a membership
program, etc. The answer has pretty much always been
“no I don’t and no I don’t.” Don’t get me wrong – I
love the idea of personal coaching and spending that
kind of time & attention with someone to make things
happen. But the time commitment on my end is
enormous, and to make it make any sense for me I would
have to charge a massive fee, which then wouldn’t make
sense for the other person (I don’t want anyone
starting from that much of a hole!)

If you’ve ever put a support ticket in my support
desk, or sent me an email, you know that I actually
answer things myself. I also have people helping me
on those occasions when the volume gets to be too much
(like on a launch or something) but mostly I do my own
support. I’m very hands on that way.

You may also know that I can *usually* solve/fix just
about any problem online, from simple HTML errors on a
page, to complex PHP scripting, to database setup to
scraping, pinging, automation, whitehat, blackhat, and
just about everything in between. I’ve become the “go-
to-guy” for a number of people that are much higher
profile than myself, because they know I can
troubleshoot and solve damn near anything and always
have a creative solution to a problem. I guess all
those years I spent doing software QA and testing for
a living taught me something eh? 😉

I’ve been wanting for a long time to come up with some
sort of program where I could be available to more
people, to do what I do best in helping them out and
removing the technical obstacles from their path. But
like I said before, personal coaching just requires
WAY too much of my time and energy, and I *do* have a
life outside of the online world (or at least I like
to pretend that I do! LOL)

So suddenly it hit me. I’ve got several “big”
projects I’m working on, including some that are
outside of the marketing space entirely. This means
I’m at the computer almost all day anyway creating
content, coding, directing my employees, handling
support, etc. Why couldn’t I handle a few more chat
conversations at any given time, and still get my
other things done as well?

I think I can!

So here’s the idea: I’m going to offer personal,
private consulting via skype to just 100 people, to
test the waters and see how it goes. When people ask
me to do personal consulting I normally charge
$500/hour to get on the phone with them. However the
fee for this is much less because it won’t be as all-
consuming as the phone, and I’m working it into what
I’m already doing anyway.

Here’s what you get:

* A private skype ID to contact between my “office”
hours. This will be for member use ONLY and I won’t
talk to anyone else on it.

* The ability to contact me and ask me any questions
you have about your business or anything you’re
doing. Note that this does NOT include questions like
“How can I make some money?” I’m not doing this to
take people who have never made their first dollar
online and make them superstars. This is for people
who are already doing SOMETHING, that will benefit
from having my expertise available day in & day out to
help them solve technical issues, refine & perfect
ideas, critique landing pages or sites, suggest
solutions to tracking issues, etc. etc. The
possibilities are near endless.

My goal with this program is to be able to take
whatever problem or challenges you’re currently being
stopped by, and remove them so you can continue on
your way. And I’m *REALLY* good at this. =)

I don’t tend to tolerate excuses when there are
solutions sitting right in front of us, so be prepared
to have me all but force you to move forward!

Here’s what is required of you:

* Fill out an application. Many thousands of people
are being exposed to this opportunity, and clearly I
can’t accommodate everyone. I will review the
applications and personally choose the 100 individuals
that I feel are best suited for this. The others will
go into a waiting queue in case anyone drops out or I
feel I can handle a few more.

* Be respectful of the fact that you are almost
certainly not the only thing I’m focusing on at any
given moment. Most of the time I’ll respond within
minutes, but like I said i do have a life, and if I’m
across the house, or out running errands, or rebooting
my computer, talking to someone else, on the phone,
etc. then it may take a little while for me to
respond. Just leave all the information you possibly
can in skype and I’ll see it and respond just as soon
as I can.

* Don’t use skype as a telephone. I’m not offering
private telephone consulting. If you want that, I
will be happy to charge you $500/hour. When I speak,
I can’t do anything else… I can’t multitask, I can’t
type while I talk, etc. If by chance *I* think
something is best communicated by voice, then I may
request that we go audio, but it’s solely at my
discretion. If you ring me without me requesting you
to, you’ll go to the bottom of the priority list.

That’s about it. Fairly simple stuff I think but I
want to again make it clear that this is not personal
coaching. This is personal problem solving. Think of
it as having me for a private mastermind partner who
knows how to solve just about anything.

Personally I’m tired of info product launches that
just give more “clutter” to people when they’re
already overwhelmed and lost with what they’re doing
now. I want to cut through some of that, and help a
group of people actually solve problems, defeat
challenges, and move forward in their businesses. All
while I continue to do the same for myself!

Here’s a note someone recently sent me who has been
receiving just the sort of help I’ll be giving you if
you’re selected to join:

[5/17/2010 8:45:41 AM] I owe a lot to you my friend.
You helped my business quadrouple this year! 🙂
[5/17/2010 8:45:50 AM] so a big THANK YOU!

Once you’ve read all this and feel that this is
something that will benefit you, simply head over to:


Fill out the application form there and I’ll get in
touch with the 100 accepted members with more details

Looking forward to helping you!

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