Why I love WordPress so damn much…

Well, here we have another perfect example of what I love most about WordPress. It seems there’s a plugin available for basically every imaginable task!

One of my consulting club members pinged me the other day to talk about an SEO trick he’s been using for a while.  Nothing blackhat or anything, just something simple & smart, but tedious and annoying to do by hand (so therefore, who’s really going to do it consistently?)

The basic idea is something you’re undoubtedly already familiar with if you’ve ever done any on-page SEO:  using <h> tags in order to indicate the important keywords, to a search engine or other bot.

The problem of course is that just assigning h1, h2, h3, etc. to various words throughout your page, tends to result in a totally messed up and broken page, from a human-readability perspective.

The solution is really quite simple… just use some CSS to format the h tags so that they still look normal to the visitor, but the bot sees the tags in the code and treats those keywords appropriately.

It’s not rocket science by any means, but it is tedious to have to set up in your theme, and requires you knowing how to hack the CSS in the first place.

Enter – Stealth Header Tags!  A nifty little plugin that does one thing very well.  It makes it incredibly easy to format your header tags so they visually have no difference from the rest of your content, but the tags stay in your code for SEO purposes.

And it’s super cheap.  I love plugins like this, that do something genuinely useful, save me some time and hassle, and are incredibly affordable.  Sure, super-sophisticated plugins that cost a fair amount have their place too, but I’m a sucker for little “utility plugins” like this one.

Anyway it’s releasing in a WSO for a whopping 7 bucks for a Personal License, or 12 if you want the “developer Version” which allows you to include it on sites for clients, or that you resell, etc.

A nice, simple little plugin that solves a common problem at little cost.  What more could I ask for?!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I love WordPress so damn much…

  1. Hey Jonathan:


    You’re the third person today to e-mail me about this plugin and I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of the “guru” type lists lately. In other words, I’m only opening e-mails from people I know and trust … like you.


    • Hey thanks for the kind words Wayne! If you’re on my list, you know I rarely mail… and other marketers I know sometimes give me grief about that (I’m wasting an asset etc.) but frankly, I don’t feel right mailing unless I actually have something useful or interesting to say. In this case, one of my own customers/members created the plugin, so automatically it got a look from me just for that. But also I felt it was actually useful, and priced appropriately for the function that it performed. In other words, I genuinely felt it was good value and worth sharing.

      Now if it was making wild claims about how much money would come flooding into your bank because of this technique, or if it was $97 with 10 upsells behind it… I don’t think I’d have been willing to mention it!


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