2 thoughts on “What do you think about Yahrosoft?

  1. It’s my understanding that you will deal with Yahoo to purchase ads but the ads will be run on the Bing engine (that will assimilate Yahoo’s technology)

    Good things:
    1- A suitable editor to manage ads! (ever tried to 10.000 keywords destination url with yahoo CSV files? –> PAINFUL)
    2- With one tool you gain 1/3 more of traffic without doing anything else
    3- Might help get G less cocky and pay more attention to their paying customers (us)

    Bad things:
    1- You lose the ability to fine tune each engine and get lower bids for one of the engines (usually MSN)

    Just my 2c.


  2. Great point about being able to use MSN Desktop with Yahoo… that will be fantastic!! Yahoo drives me bonkers with trying to build out large campaigns. I wonder when we’ll start to see changes in our accounts and actual migration occur.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what sorts of opportunities this will give us all as they possibly merge algorithms or technologies. There’s always loopholes to be leveraged by those who are quick. 😉


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