Webinar audio fixed…

Well for some odd reason, my audio level on Gauher’s webinar was extremely low on the recording. I fixed the audio and sent it back to Gauher, and he’s uploaded the new recording. So if you saw it before but had trouble hearing me, or you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you check it out in the next 3 days. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Webinar audio fixed…

  1. Hi Jonathan
    I have heard the cover-click reply at gauher site.
    My natural language is Chinese and your speak is so fast that maybe I loose something.

    I have some question about the cover-click.
    Can I consider this tool as an advanced tracking tool?
    Can I use cover-click as my own tracking system to replace 3rd party’s tracking system such as tracking202 or gauher’s Dominator?


    • Hi there! Sorry about that, I do talk fast especially when I’m excited about something. =)

      Can I consider this tool as an advanced tracking tool?

      Yes, it is an advanced link tracking tool.

      Can I use cover-click as my own tracking system to replace 3rd party’s tracking system such as tracking202 or gauher’s Dominator?

      Not quite. CovertClicks is for tracking activity of links on your pages. It will track page views for pages that contain covert links, and it will track clicks on those links, and conversions if the conversion pixel is used. However it will not track a click from an external location such as a PPC or banner ad network, nor will it redirect an incoming visitor to another destination. It is strictly for tracking the activity of links on your WordPress pages.

      I hope that helps, but please ask any more questions you may have. =)


  2. Ya…….now I really get confusing.
    1.The main idea in this presentation is to increase CTR rate.
    But what’s the relationship between “increase CTR rate” and “track my own website”?
    2.You gave and idea that make an Amazon link and actually redirect to my Amazon-affiliate link. I think this process always done on a banner or a email link. So…why should I track my own page??

    • There are two different but related main aspects to CovertClicks.

      1. Increasing CTR by providing perfect “clean” links to your visitors.
      2. Knowing how every link performs, so that you can make better decisions about your links in the future.

      Both are extremely important by themselves, but putting them together is where you’ll see the best benefit.

      As for Amazon, most affiliates that I know who promote Amazon are doing so using blogs and a combination of linking via banners, images, and text links. But if you don’t know how your links perform, how can you improve your results?

      For example, what if you had 4 copies of the same link to a particular affiliate product on your page – once at the top of your post in an image, once in the middle of your content as a text link, once at the end of your post as a text link, and once in the sidebar as a banner image. Now they all use the same link, and are on the same page. Now imagine that you get 50 clicks combined between all 4 of those links. In your amazon affiliate stats, all you will know is that a particular link on that page received 50 clicks. You won’t see a unique identifier for each link. But what if the sidebar banner link actually got clicked 3x as many times as the others? That’s the sort of thing you would want to know, because it suggests that you should probably use sidebar banners more often. So now you have something else to test in more depth. This is just one of many possible examples of how having stats on all your links, can help improve your results.

      For email, obviously you cannot execute javascript in email, so it’s not possible to cloak email links. But, you can send email that links back to your website, at which point people will see only clean links to amazon.com, and no affiliate links at all. So that’s how CovertClicks could work with an email campaign.

      I hope this helps, but please ask any more questions if you have them. 🙂


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