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Hi there,

If you were lucky enough in the past to get into PPVFormula
when it was open, you can disregard this email.

If however you have *not* joined the industry’s original PPV
traffic brokering community, then you really want to pay


In case you’re totally unaware, PPVFormula is the original PPV
training course.  It’s where I and everyone else I know who
makes good money with PPV traffic, got our start.

PPVFormula hasn’t been open to new members in quite some
time.  Created by Gauher Chaudhry, he’s always kept it fairly
small and private – not to mention insanely underpriced.

But he’s finally decided it’s time to let some new blood into
the community, and he’s opening the doors this week,
specifically on Tuesday at noon Eastern I believe.

He hasn’t told me if he’s going to limit the membership this
time, but he is definitely going to raise the price over time.

If you want to truly master PPV traffic, and be part of the
single best PPV community in the industry, you absolutely need
to be part of PPVFormula.

I don’t very often tell people “You have to buy this right
now!”  This is one rare exception.

You have to buy this right now!  LOL

Of course I’ll also be the first to say PPV isn’t for
everyone.  Fortunately Gauher is a solid guy and he stands by
his product, so you have 30 days to evaluate it, participate
in the forums, and decide if this is right for you or receive
a full refund.

This is the only time in your PPV career you’ll have no risk! =)

I’m also offering a very special bonus for those who buy
through my link.  You can read all about it by following the


I can’t stress this enough.  If you truly believe PPV is for
you, then you’ve got to work with like minded individuals, and
you need a complete set of strategies and formulas for
harnessing the awesome power of PPV.

It’s *not* as easy as some of the recent info-products would
lead you to believe!

But with patience, discipline, and the help of others who have
gone before, I believe anyone can master this form of traffic
to huge benefit whether it’s CPA offers, list building,
branding, or anything else that needs lots and lots of
traffic instantly.

Plus if you’re quick to join, you’ll get it at the lowest price
ever.  This is so undervalued I just can’t say it enough.

I hope to see you inside, and possibly even to work one-on-one
with you (see my bonus!  😉

Always the Best,


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