w00t! Gauher on the hot seat!

OK, maybe not exactly a hot seat… but I certainly am gonna try to ask some good questions.

I’m going to be interviewing Gauher Monday night, at 8pm EST.  Being as I’m not one of his big success stories with PPC traffic (all his fault for teaching me PPV LOL), it will be interesting to see what he has to say to some of my questions.

I promise to make it as informational and interesting an interview as I possibly can.  Oh but I don’t know that he’s going to make a replay available so make sure you’re on it live if you want to hear it.  I know there’s over 100,000 people hearing about this already and only 1,000 spots on the webinar so, better get on early and hold your spot.


I’m really looking forward to it!



Let me know what questions you would ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to work them in!

4 thoughts on “w00t! Gauher on the hot seat!

  1. Hey Jonathan

    Just popping by to say thanks for the last webinar – It was fantastic.

    As you may be already aware was at Gauhers first seminar in Toronto before the whole PPC CPA took off.
    Loved it but the PPV webinar you did last week was fantastic and am I glad that I got into the PPV membership.

    Incredible stuff and by the way The PPV dominator is an incredible time saver.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I love to hear this webminar today but is going to be 1:00 AM in morning in local time in Paris…

    At this time I am deeply sleeping do you any option for us….


  3. Well THAT was a serious exercise in frustration.

    I don’t really know what happened… everything seemed fine, I was on the audio over my cell phone and on the webinar on my laptop (I’m on the road in a hotel suite right now) and everything was la-dee-da… then all of a sudden I disappeared and couldn’t be heard. I managed to get myself back again briefly, then POOF my cell connection dropped, and I was never able to get back on with audio ever again.

    Apparently people could hear me frantically hitting keys on the phone to try and “unmute” myself, but GotoWebinar insisted I *WAS* unmuted… yet nobody could hear me.

    Ultimately I got booted clean off the webinar, and when I got back on I was no longer a presenter so couldn’t even see questions to answer by typing.


    So, sorry to all who expected to hear my talk to Gauher… I was definitely looking forward to it, but I finally gave up after about an hour of trying to find a way to be heard or get back to presenter status.

    Sometimes, technology just conspires against you! 🙁


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