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I’m not sure written text has been the best way to express myself with this whole situation, so I’ve decided to make a video so I can talk directly to InfusionSoft, “face to face”.

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If by chance you’ve missed what started this whole thing, you can find the original post here.

Also I’ve discovered a whole host of other interesting materials by doing a Google search for “InfusionSoft Sucks”. Fascinating…


10 thoughts on “Video to InfusionSoft

  1. The Power of the Internet.

    I was going to say unbelievable!!
    Sadly this is not true. The Internet is a fabulous powerful thing, but as most of us know all is well when things go smoothly. However when dealing whith big automated systems like eBay, Google, PayPal, and the likes, if anything goes wrong,anything, you know you are in for trouble times and a lot of frustration and heartache.

    I fully sympathise with you Jonathan, I imagine everybody reading this has been through a similar situation to a lesser or greater degree.

    It is up to anybody running a service on the net to be vigilant with regards to customer service, and not hide behind automated responses, call centres, and non decision making individuals(we have to come up with a name for them).

    That is true for all organisations, Utility companies, commercial stores, and professional services.

    The Power of the internet swings both ways, the losses to these organisations could be huge because we can let our opinions and experiences known to thousands of people.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
    kind regards


  2. Wow, I’ve never seen you pissed Jonathan, wouldn’t wanna get on the wrong side of you!

    You’ve been more than fair throughout this whole ordeal and I can only hope that this FINALLY gets the message across and that you get back every cent. Good luck.

    By the way have you ever managed to make a video under 10 minutes? I see your getting closer…

  3. Jonathan,

    I’m really sorry to hear of this unfortunate event, MAN has it consumed your time and broke your Spirit in more ways than one! Infusionsoft is a brand that I have never looked into, for obvious reasons, BUT I can tell you that I would NEVER consider an outfit such as they after hearing this.

    As an email marketer, I know that there are many rules that we must follow (thanks “can-ham” act of 2003!), But regarding the way you have explained the disposition, I cant see the justification in how you have been treated. And I certainly cant see where you broke any rules that would lead to an outcome such as this one?!

    You Have my support J, I’m sure that they will find that loosing you as a customer was much more than a mistake. Not to mention ALL the “potential” clients you could have brought them… I foresee them loosing many others over this as well as those who “may” have planned on signing up for their services etc.. I know I wouldnt want to go through a horror story such as the one you have with a company thats supposed to protect the list deployments and “fill me in” on the things that could get a customer in a position such as you are in…

    Best of Luck to you bud, I’m confident that your going to find a platform that is all that they provided and MUCH more!

    All the best!

    Aaron Young

  4. Just an update for everyone reading this… I have not heard ANYTHING from InfusionSoft since their last comment on this blog. The promised call from “billing” never came. I’ve had so many things I’m juggling that calling them about this again has just not made it very high up on my priority list… I have way more valuable things to do with my time. Still, I won’t be letting this go completely.


  5. HI Jonathan,

    I was there with you the day you signed up for Infusionsoft in Los Angeles a year ago to this date

    I still emember how excited you were the minute you signed up for the service. How you were convinced about their technology.

    Now I am surprised to know that you had to pay $1000 more for the affilaite module + $100 a month recurring on top of $300 a month. Wasn’t that included already in the package?

    Sorry to see you go through all this friend.

    Infusionsoft has to change the unsubscribe question to something meaningful like aweber. Asking is this SPAM? with a YES or NO option will always trgiier a YES, despite of the person opting-in in the first place.

    FYI: For my second company, I again went with 1shoppingcart


  6. Hey Srini!! Yes you were indeed there as I signed on the dotted line. And to reiterate, I do think the InfusionSoft platform is pretty cool. Not perfect, but very powerful.

    It’s strictly the way they have treated me in this whole thing that has me so up in arms. I am back to 1ShoppingCart again (I’m SO glad I never got around to canceling them!) and am actually finding it quite capable, the more I get into it. And for $100 a month and NO up front fee, it would take a MASSIVE amount of shortcomings, to make up the difference to $400/month and about $6k cash.

    Oh and I agree… asking anyone “Is this spam?” on the opt-out form is PATHETICALLY stupid. “spam” actually has a legal definition, but the average person opting out of a list just thinks it means “any email I don’t want any more” and so will ALWAYS say yes, as you noted.

    Dumb… just plain dumb.


  7. Nope, Infusionsoft pretty much gave me the finger and said they wouldn’t refund a penny because they delivered the services I paid for. They say the couple of phone calls I got to discuss my business were valued at like $4,000 Those were the most expensive phone calls I’ve ever made, let me tell you!!

    And what’s truly disgusting to me is that they have now apparently DONE AWAY with the $4k up front requirement! So they wouldn’t refund me, but they aren’t charging anyone that anymore.

    Ironically I was at an event recently and InfusionSoft had a table there, and was quite visibly promoted by the event holders. I was polite and kept my mouth (mostly) shut, but at one point one of the Infusion guys, after hearing me talk a few times at the event about integration challenges with various systems, came over to me and tried to sell me on Infusionsoft!

    I held up my name tag and asked if the name looked familiar. He said it didn’t and apologized… so I told him I was an ex customer and not exactly Infusionsoft’s favorite person, and that he merely had to Google “infusionsoft sucks” to find out more. He said he was going to go back and talk to corporate and see if they could get me back on board again, blah blah blah but I’ve heard nothing, and I don’t know that I’d go back anyway.

    So no, Infusionsoft still sucks, they still treat their customers like crap, and I keep getting more and more people finding me and emailing or commenting about their equally miserable treatment at the hands of the Infusionsoft staff.

    They really don’t seem to understand the long term impact to them of the people they have pissed off.


  8. One day I noticed I wasn’t making any sales with one particular online business. I tried logging into my Infusionsoft account and couldn’t get in. I called and they told me my credit card got denied for the monthly charge so they shut me down. When asked why they didn’t contact me, they said they didn’t have my contact information. WTF???? B.S! Not one email, phone call, or alert within the interface. They never tried contacting me yet obviously had numerous ways and opportunities to do so. Heck, they contacted me several times a week with their autoresponder trying to sell me whatever.

    I was down for over a month before I noticed then they told me I had to pay back fees to get back up and running. I said B.S. I had no service for a month, they never tried to contact me, why should I pay for that month? They said back pay or bust. I just wanted my contacts out of my list and was planning to migrate to another system and be done with them. They wouldn’t give me my contacts. Plus I believe there was a 30 day cancellation notice requirement at the time which I wasn’t willing to give them (forgive me, this was so traumatic I’ve tried hard to repress the whole experience and I don’t remember why my “owed” went from one month to two with them, still while having no access to the system and a credit card that was just fine).

    I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building that email list and I believed it belonged to me. They held a B.S. ransom over it. I was so upset and frustrated, tried to talk to them, they had special warm and fuzzy coaches call me all with the same answer. I emailed Clate, nothing. They held their ground, they made a mistake, never owned up to it, kept my list. I grieved for a good 60 days trying to reconcile the principle of it all and if it was even worth it to me. I had spent buku bucks on consultants getting the whole system up and automated and the thought of redoing this somewhere else or staying with Infusion were both terrible options. Bottom line, I didn’t think it was right to pay them money they were not owed for services NOT rendered, I canned the whole business, they never gave me my contacts, and their collections people called me daily for 3 years over $600.

    Guess they had my phone number the whole time.

    BTW I confirmed with my credit card right away that the charge was never declined, never even initiated, nothing attempted, the account was fine. Complete scam. They disgust me.

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