Update Time… Get WPGen for Free!

Hi everyone!  I’ve had a lot going on recently so I figured it was about time for a summary.

So in no particular order…

1.  WPGen (LPGen on WordPress) is nearly complete! I’ve made a beta available to my VanCluteSolution.com members and am getting feedback on stability, etc.

This has been an extremely tricky project, largely because WordPress and LPGen both do a lot of complex URL rewriting, and getting them to play nicely together was anything but easy.  But also because WordPress has so many possible themes and plugins people can use, that it’s impossible to test for all of them.

WPGen has all the features of LPGen plus some new ones while I’ve been at it.  It’s going to be made available free of charge to all current LPGen-X owners.  This means that if you never upgraded to LPGen-X in the past, now is the best time ever to do it.  The cost is only $100 and that gets you the latest & greatest plus access to the WPGen beta (and of course the release version once it’s done).

WPGen introduces some pretty awesome possibilities with WordPress, that have never been available before.  Especially when paired with specialty themes such as ProfitsTheme, not to mention all the plugins out there, the combination of WP and WPGen become a lot more than the sum of their parts (and especially SEOs are going to be very interested in this)!

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a sneak peek I gave of WPGen a couple weeks ago.

Existing LPGen owners can upgrade to LPGen-X here and get WPGen for free.

2.  Easy Prepop is getting closer to a releasable 1.0, but has been much more challenging than I expected. I’m hoping to release another beta shortly now that WPGen has finally reached beta status too.  There are some major new features in EP that I haven’t talked about yet but will soon, that are going to really rock some people’s world.  I can’t wait to show you!

3.  I’m working on the next case study for my VanCluteSolution.com members.  This one is all about list building with paid traffic, and based on the 4-part outline I already posted, it’s going to be rather “epic” once it’s all done.  I’ll probably end up with something I should sell as a stand-alone course once it’s complete, but for now the only way to get access to it at all, is to join us in VCS.  I’d love to have you as a member of the community so by all means, come check it out!

4.  On a different note, I recently got an iPad 2 (it was given to me, I still don’t think I would ever be willing to pay for one) and am trying to figure out real-world uses for it.  I mean sure it’s a very VERY cool toy and is fun to play with, but I want to see if I can really USE IT in my business.  To that end, I’d love to hear from you if you use an iPad, what your favorite apps are (no games though please, I don’t need more distractions! 😉 and how you use it in a business context.  Accessories too… anything you find indispensable.

That’s it for this update, but I’m sure I’ll have more to tell you about soon.  Stay tuned!


18 thoughts on “Update Time… Get WPGen for Free!

  1. Hey Graham! Good to hear from you again. Yeah having the dynamic page & content generation capabilities of LPGen but added to the theme & plugin possibilities of WP, is a wicked powerful combination. If you’ve already got LPGen-X, just drop me a line and I can hook you up with the WPGen beta if you’d like to give it a spin.

    In fact that goes for anyone who already owns LPGen-X (or who upgrades now), if you’d like to try the WPGen beta, just put in a support ticket at http://support.tooltrainer.com or email me (support@) and I can set you up.


    • While that’s an interesting suggestion, The Best Spinner is a desktop application so there is no possible way to integrate it into a WordPress Plugin (or any server-side script for that matter).

      If they provided some sort of API to access a pre-existing database of synonyms for use by web applications, then it could be possible. But as long as it’s a desktop app, what it does is unique to you and can’t be used by any PHP script.

      EDIT: I should mention that the spinning in WPGen is basically identical to Best Spinner. The only difference is the synonym suggestions aren’t made for you, so you have to actually have a halfway decent vocabulary or command of your written language, in order to come up with variations. But since you do them yourself, they can be PERFECTLY readable in every way, and you can also rotate links, anchor texts, images, or in fact anything you could possibly imagine.


  2. Hi Jonathan,

    FWIW apparently there IS an API for best spinner because a number of WP plugins already incorporate the best spinner.


    • Oh really?? OK then I’ll have to take a closer look… All I saw from their video was using a desktop app, but if other apps are using it, then it must be possible. Will check it out… thanks Rex!


  3. Hey Jonathan:

    Great to hear from you again!!!

    Couldn’t view the sneak peek because I’m not a VCS member … I know … my bad.

    Anyway, I’ll submit a ticket to have you set me up for the beta version of WPGen.


    • Hey Wayne! That’s odd, you should be able to watch the sneek peak, I specifically left that one “public access” because I knew I’d want it to do double-duty for the rest of the world as well.

      Do you get an error or any message when you try to view it? Maybe try clearing your browser cache or something? You’re the only report of this I’ve had, and I can see it from any browser, logged in or not. Very odd…


  4. Ok. I love wordpress. And I hate scripts (or just don’t like thinking about installing them).
    So WPgen for wordpress is looking very attractive or me right now.
    I will be taking a deeper look.
    But have known of you for years as a stand up guy.
    So considering this one.

  5. Hey J

    This looks good and good decision to go to WP!!

    I have a few ideas and I think your on the same lines so I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

    If there’s anything I can do just shout.

    All the best


  6. @Jess – Ironically, WordPress is also a script. 🙂 It just happens to be an extremely mature one with a gigantic community of developers making it better all the time, and they’ve done a great job of making the install pretty painless. But I know what you mean, and that’s part of why I’m going in the WP direction – ease of install & operation for the user.

    @william – What you can do is help beta test! LOL Seriously I’d like all the feedback I can get both on WPGen and also on Easy Prepop. It’s been a little crazy tackling both projects simultaneously as well as everything else I’m juggling, so I really want to call one of them a release ASAP!


  7. Hey JVC

    I’ll put them thru their paces if you want

    Send me the login details and I’ll get onto it right away

    Is it the same testing regime as LPGen 2 was with bugzilla?


    • Actually this time around I didn’t even set up a formal bug tracker. I might do so if the bug reports start coming in fast & furious but for now, just email me with whatever you run into. http://support.tooltrainer.com or email (support@)

      In fact shoot me an email anyway so I can send you the download info.

      Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


  8. Hey Jonathan!

    I was just down in SanDiego last month at Amish’s magic bullet seminar and talking with Gauher – too bad you weren’t down there!

    I’m an lpgen-X owner – would love to check out the wpgen for sure!!!

    what do I gotta do?


  9. Hi Jonathan,
    I just watched your update on WPGEN. I love LPGEN and build all my sites in WordPress, so this is fantastic!!

    The new query string token feature is awesome dude, I’ve been having to learn php to do a lot of that stuff but now it looks like most things i need to do will just plug and play. Respect for getting this to work in wordpress!!


    • Yeah it was no small feat getting everything working, but now that it is I’m really glad I did it. Sortof wishing I’d done it a long time ago, but it really needed WordPress 3.0 to be reasonably feasible. I guess everything happens when it’s time… 😉


  10. Hi Best spinner has an API and I use it to work with SENukeX and also with couple of word press plugins. It is an yearly subscription around $50 to $75 and well worth it. I am glad that you are bringing the LPgenX as WP plugin.
    We met at Last year’s Magic Bullet seminar. Looing forward for the release. Will you be covering any of the plugin stuff in Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2011 seminar.
    I am glad you are doing well.

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