UBot Review – MEGA thumbs up!!

UPDATE!  Save $46 when you buy UBot by using the coupon code “tooltrainer” (without the quotes, of course!)

In case you haven’t already heard recently, UBot is the new kid on the block for creating your own “bots” aka automation scripts to do… just about anything you want.

Here’s a video of my first attempt at a bot.  Check it out and if it “clicks” for you, buy UBot and get to work immediately.

[kml_flashembed movie="https://tooltrainer.com/wp-content/uploads/ubot_controller.swf" width="480" height="480" wmode="transparent" /]

4 thoughts on “UBot Review – MEGA thumbs up!!

  1. Hey Jon, ok, I’m bought uBot through your link after having a very good day with affiliate commissions. You know I’ll be hitting you up for the source code for your bid automaton (with the details removed of course) so I can automate one of my Traffic Vance campaigns.

    Question… does your bot also adjust downward too so you are not over bidding b/c you know that TV charges you for your full bid not just the next increment higher than the last…

    ~ Corey

  2. Hey Corey!

    The bot I made is just for Adon Network, wouldn’t work as-is for TV but if it will help get you started with uBot then I’m happy to share it. I built it so specifically solve one and only one problem of a bid war on a single keyword, nothing more. It always bids .001 higher than the current highest bidder assuming it’s not me.

    All PPV networks charge you whatever you bid… they don’t have any auction process like the PPC engines, unfortunately. So my plan is to simply maintain as high a bid as possible without exceeding a certain amount, without overpaying either. But I haven’t gotten to building it quite yet, beyond my first simple experiment.

    UBot is pretty slick… I’m sure there’s little limit to what we can make it do if we’re clever. 😉


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