Try SpeedPPC 4.0 for $4.95

In case you missed it, Jay and the gang over at PPCLoophole have added a low-cost trial. For $4.95 you can get access to their training material and tools, including SpeedPPC 4.0.

It’s being mentioned all over the place and I’m certainly joining the chorus – but if you’ve been relying on Adwords for your traffic, you’ve either just been shafted or are pretty much just waiting for it to happen. Since SpeedPPC supports so many other PPC traffic sources, it seriously behooves you to learn how to use it effectively, and fast. There’s already a mad rush to other PPC platforms like Yahoo, Bing, and the 2nd tier engines… make sure you don’t miss out on what is actually a huge opportunity for some who lost their Adwords accounts. Check out SpeedPPC and start getting your traffic back!!


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