Traffic and Conversion Summit – HOLY @#!$!!


I’m in Austin at Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s Traffic and Conversion Summit and my head is set to explode with ideas and things I need to execute immediately (and some things I’m kicking myself for NOT having been executing for months or years…)

I had a weird notion that I needed to be here… wasn’t really sure why, and though I’m on Ryan and Perry’s lists I really haven’t bought anything from them or followed them  closely before.

I sure as heck will be now.

Today was day 1 and I could head home right now and be TOTALLY satisfied at having spent a grand to attend plus travel costs.

AMAZING stuff.  These guys are mind blowing.  Seriously.

Time to digest both today’s content, and a little food as well…



I’ve taken a few videos with my Flip cam but can’t keep an internet connection up long enough to post them!  So my “video blogs” will probably get posted long after this text post.  SIGH… technology.

2 thoughts on “Traffic and Conversion Summit – HOLY @#!$!!

  1. Yeah I had issues with the internet too. But I really tried not to use it.

    FYI if you don’t have any of their products, I recommend starting wiith their, it’s a bundle product containing most everything else they sell separately, it’s a great big product for a low price.

    Pay attention to the upsell path, it’s mind boggling.

    For any readers out there here’s my take on the event

  2. Couldn’t agree more Troy… their upsell paths are a HUGE part of the reason they can dominate so many markets. Just another example of where the affiliate just has WAY less power at their disposal than the product owner.

    Don’t wanna give away too much of the stuff we got at the event but to anyone reading this, Get Money From Google is actually a quality product and I also recommend it – especially if you pay attention to HOW they sell it to you!


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