This has gotten out of hand.

So I’m getting ready to head to Toronto next week for Gauher’s
TLC seminar.  I’ve barely given any thought to what I’m
actually bringing with me (clothes?  Oh yeah I suppose I
should bring some of those…) because I’ve up to my eyeballs
in content for my presentation.

It’s already clear there is exactly no possible way I can
cover everything I have to cover, in just an hour or however
long I can convince Gauher to give up his stage.  I mean
seriously… just look at my current table of contents!!



Intro to Coding – What & Why
Quick & Dirty CPanel/WHM
Quick & Dirty FTP


HTML text formatting
HTML layout with tables
HTML styles
CSS basics
On-page vs. External
Framesets & iFrames
WYSIWYG vs. Text editors
Form basics
Adding sound


Photoshop & alternatives
Using PHP & HTML together
AJAX basics

Basic WP theme editing
Understanding paths
PHP variables & arrays
Query strings
Applied query strings
Function basics
Logic & Loops
Understanding errors
Includes & requires
Using a “flat file” database
Development software


Cookie stuffing
Cookie prepop
Flash cookies
Referrer spoofing
IP spoofing
Click trapping
Creative form submission
CPA slice & dice
Reading browser history
Cross-domain form ripping


Clearly I’ve run amok and gotten in deep.  But I’m determined,
and while I won’t be able to cover all of this live, it *will*
be released after I get back.

I believe this is going to become “the Bible” of technical
marketing.  It’s sure thick enough!  LOL

I’m doing my best to include the things people have told me
they need to know, but in case you don’t see something here
that you think should be included, please let me know!

I really want to blow the lid off this stuff, off all these
“secrets” that people think are out there, and lay them bare
for all to see.

This stuff *really* isn’t that hard, it just hasn’t been taught.

Until now.  😉

I am super excited about this trip, it’s going to be so great
to see some people again and many for the first time.  And of
course any chance I get to hang out with Gauher is one I’ll
take.  If you’re going to be there, make sure you say hello
and tell me your name. I’ll do my best to connect it to your
face and remember it but don’t be shocked if I forget 5
seconds later.  =)

OK back to the trenches for me, I have an awful lot of writing
still to do on this monster!

Hope to see you in Toronto.


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