The Keyword Backdoor Method

If you’ve been reading my last few posts, you already know that I’m endorsing Gauher Chaudhry’s Media Buying Sumo course.  You may also have caught that his recent 3 hour awesome content webinar, inspired me to add an additional case study video to the bonuses.  Well I’ve been working on it for days now and it’s coming along nicely, so i thought I’d post a little teaser of it so you’ll know what’s coming for everyone who buys through my link!

There is obviously more to come, as I’m doing this video live and for real.  I hope it helps trigger some creative ideas and gets you thinking beyond just simply running banner ads.

Oh also, Gauher has announced that he’s almost at capacity for his launch so if you’re considering getting into Media Buying, I suggest you take a look at his free PDF and watch the webinar, and make your decision soon!



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