Technology… love it, hate it.

We did the StatsJunky webinar last night and it was fantastic… it went over 2 hours just so everyone could get their questions answered.  Billy was a TROOPER!!!

Now here’s the obnoxious part.  Camtasia is flatly refusing to render the ginormous resulting movie file.  Apparently this is a known bug that’s been around forever and the only known workaround is to convert the movie to an AVI and use THAT in camtasia instead of the GoToWebinar-generated .WMV file.

Can you say, TIME CONSUMING?!?!?!?

So now I’m converting the movie to an AVI file, which I will then import back into Camtasia again and hopefully render out to something I can post to the blog.  It’s going to take around 3 more hours JUST to convert to an AVI, then probably another 3 hours to render out to a finished postable movie.


Sorry for the delay on the replay everyone, especially since this deal only lasts another day.  I hoped you’d all have plenty of time to listen to all the Q&A and have them help you decide if SJ is right for you.

Oh on that note, one thing that came up a few times during the webinar and again in a blog comment here, was about people who already bought SJ previously.  Here’s the answer as I understand it:

If your previous SJ subscription (monthly, annual, whatever) has met or exceeded $297 then you’ve ALREADY been upgraded to lifetime and that’s that.  You’re set!  If you purchase a license now at the $297 price you’ll actually have TWO licenses and the ability to run two totally independent copies of SJ in two places.  If you don’t want this, you can get a refund for one of the licenses if you’d like.

If you just bought a month or two ago for example, and haven’t yet spent $297 on your copy, then my understanding is you were NOT upgraded to lifetime, which is pretty easy to understand.  Bottom line though is get in touch with the SJ folks and I think they’ll do right by you.  Get on one of their daily webinars if you’re having any trouble reaching them by email.

OK back to rendering for me!  Well, for my computer anyway…  😉


5 thoughts on “Technology… love it, hate it.

  1. I tried to stay awake to participate in the webinar but I gave up at 20:30 your time (2:30 my time) I literally fell slep over my poor keyboard.

    Did they comment anything about fixing the stats gathering from DirectTrack? So far is not returning anything to me. (I already knew when I bought it, but I purchase it more as an ‘investment’ hoping it will be solved in the near future)

    Since I am a programmer too, I have much respect for the SJ and I can see how much effort they are pouring into that tool and I like the way the roadmap looks. It’s very promising.

    Stay frosty,

  2. Yes Billy talked quite a bit about the DT issues. At the moment DT is preventing SJ from pulling stats, and it’s out of SJ’s hands unfortunately. However they are in constant contact with each other and Billy is confident that eventually DT will open their doors to third party applications again at some point. Just can’t say for certain WHEN unfortunately. As a short term solution they are considering adding a manual download/upload procedure for DT networks. Not 100% automated but at least we could get our data in!

    I think you’re looking at SJ in the right light – this is an investment in your business. This is NOT a “get rich quick” tool or something that is going to change your life tomorrow (most likely anyway). But I agree the roadmap is exciting and that’s why I’m so on board with them.


  3. Jonathan,
    for DT accounts, will SJ still at least give us analytics on our pages through a code addition somehow? I just picked up tracking202 pro and it seems complicated. Can I use SJ NOW to help on my adwords accounts (yes I’m new to this) or since I’m trying out CPA (DT) then for now SJ is totally useless? I understand that I would not get any full revenue stats etc. but would I still get valuable insight into where my active keywords are coming in at? I’m scrambling due to deadline tomorrow.


  4. Craig:

    To me SJ is not returning anything at all: no subids, no leads, nothing.

    But in the meantime you have several alternatives:
    First let SJ do its thing and create specific SJID for each keyword and upload it to Google, Yahoo and MSN so when the issue gets fixed you’ll have total stats.

    Then try to place the conversion pixel for you offer at the merchant confirmation page (ask your affiliate manager if you need help). You then will be able to track conversions from the PPC engine itself.

    Alternatively you can log into you affiliate network (clickbooth, copeac, etc) and download a subid report that will tell you which keywords converts (although you will have to find what the subid means in StatsJunky since they are encoded, like SJ00012, SJ00056).

    I know it’s some work, but if you are not driving much traffic, is feasible and it won’t take you more than 30m

    Hope it helps!

    Stay frosty,

  5. Excellent suggestions Mike, thanks for lending a hand!

    FWIW, I’m running a campaign on Yahoo & MSN right now, and just went through the process of changing all my keyword destination URLs over to include the SJID. Other than not being able to do this myself with Yahoo and having to email them to do it for me, the process was fairly smooth. I used Adcenter Desktop to handle the MSN campaign, and it did behave a little weird but I just created a new adgroup the way I wanted it, paused the old one, and uploaded the changes. No trouble so far though I have no conversions since I made this change, to tell that everything is truly working 100%.

    So far, even just having the overall performance stats all in one place for the networks they DO support that I use, is very helpful.


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