Talk About Unexpected…

I had a phone call with a friend and fellow internet marketer, A.M. Khan the other day. I had planned to ask him some questions I had about Google’s new remarketing features, since I knew only a little bit and was genuinely curious about it.

I watched his video about remarketing.

I thought I pretty much got the picture.

I thought I knew where the conversation would go.

I thought it would last around 15 to 20 minutes.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

You’ve got to listen to this, especially if you use PPV at all and have an Adwords account (or plan to get one).

Remarketing Call With A.M. Khan (mp3)

This is 100% for real, totally unscripted and completely unexpected. PPV and PPC people need to listen to this!

Of course A.M. also had something to promote, even though I kinda hijacked the call for my own selfish interests! LOL

He makes an offer on the call of his Adtext Image Creator 2.0 software for $197. That’s half price and I thought it was an awesome offer.

But then we talked a couple days later.

One thing led to another and he agreed to drop the price from $397 to only $97 for 2 weeks just for my readers & customers!

Before you buy, make sure you read the rest of this post!

If you don’t already have a tool for mass-producing banners in all the appropriate sizes for your content network/remarketing campaigns, you should really give AIC a try.

Now for the really fun stuff… it doesn’t stop there. This is where you’re going to want to pay attention if you use PPV or plan to.

I got so excited about the potential of what we discussed on the phone, that I immediately set up a few test campaigns to see if it actually was possible.

Well sure enough, IT IS possible! I’m now building remarketing lists that I can zero in on again later via PPC, from the cheapest of the cheap PPV traffic.

I can target these people EVERYWHERE they go on the Content Network.

Screw site targeting.

Forget trying to guess what websites they might visit.

I can show ads to them REGARDLESS of the sites they’re on, even if they aren’t related to the original niche!

I was able to add 1,000 targeted people to my first test “health products” remarketing list for just $15 from PPV traffic.

I’m working on another list now for auto insurance, and another for credit.

The possibilities here are staggering.

I’m producing a video documenting the technique and my findings, and will make it available as a bonus to all who buy Adtext Image Creator through my link.

You’ll get to see me developing and refining the technique as I go. This is so new I’m not sure there’s even anyone else in the world who’s done this (if there is they certainly aren’t talking about it!)

But listen to our call first, as it may even be all you need to get started with this technique. Still I expect my video will help clear the whole process up a lot for those who don’t quite get it just from hearing us talk about it.

I really think this could breathe new life into PPV and PPC in specific, and even affiliate marketing in general.

Seriously, go listen to this right away. Shut the door, turn off the phone, open your ears and pay close attention when I start getting really excited. You won’t miss it.

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