Strictly For Fun (well, mostly anyway…)

Today I just wanted to share a couple of things that I use and enjoy, that I think many of my visitors might enjoy as well.

1. First is a product/service called Playon. You can read about it at if you like, but I’ll summarize it for you here.

Playon is software you run on your Windows PC that pulls content from various sources on the web (Youtube, Amazon VOD, Netflix, Hulu, countless websites…) and then streams it to certain types of home media devices. In my case I use it with my Playstation 3 but it also supports the Wii, Xbox 360, and a ton of other consumer devices for bringing streaming media to your TV.

I could go on at some length about how much I like Playon, but the bottom line is that for a relatively tiny amount of money I get massive amounts of content on demand, and instead of having to watch them on my computer screen I can watch them in my home theater on a 56″ LCD TV while reclining in the “comfy chair”! My other half uses it to stream her favorite Youtube playlists throughout the day while she works around the house, and we even bought the cheapest Netflix subscription primarily so we can stream from their Instant Stream catalog.

Playon’s awesome… it’s list price is about $40 but they often run specials. I paid $30. RIGHT NOW however they have it for just $20! The catch is they’re apparently going to switch to a subscription model on May 2nd and it’s going to cost about $30 PER YEAR! If you buy it right now and use the discount code LIFETIME, then you can get it for just $20 period, forever. There will still be an optional subscription service you can get if you want it, but the core features (what I already use) will be yours at no additional cost.

Check it out, Playon is a brilliant product in my book, especially if you’re a home theater junkie or just like to have lots of content on your TV that’s outside the mainstream cable/satellite stuff.

Make sure you use the code LIFETIME when you buy, to get the deal!

2. And now for something completely different. A web comic! Yeah I know those are soooo 2003 but seriously, this one regularly has me either in stitches, or scratching my head in confused puzzlement. Either way it’s worth the price of admission, which is zero! 🙂

It’s audience is definitely going to be the geekier and more intellectual side of the spectrum, but I suspect that’s an awful lot of internet marketers so… enjoy!


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