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Well here it is finally, after most of the night and day rendering, re-rendering, converting, and re-re-rendering.

Unfortunately, there are more quirks to GoToWebinar’s recording abilities than I realized, and the end result is that this webinar pretty much looks like hell on a bad day.  Fortunately we mostly talked rather than showed the application doing a whole lot, but I still am pretty annoyed at just how bad the image quality is.

So, apologies for this.  In the future I’ll make certain that my resolution AND the guest presenter’s resolution, are one and the same so the recording will hopefully turn out a lot better.

Enjoy the webinar, it’s over 2 hours long and I still can’t believe Billy hung in there so long answering questions!  This is a great deal so if you even think SJ will be beneficial to your business AT ALL in the next year, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of this.

(Give the video a minute to load up if you don’t already see it below)

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Offer ends Midnight Central Time, July 31st (TOMORROW!)


9 thoughts on “StatsJunky Webinar Replay

  1. Hi Jonathan, I appreciate you are an “evangelist” for StatsJunky. However, I purchased through your Aff link alst week, and have been unable to get it working properly.

    First, there is a “known issue” that they are working on that’s preventing Adwords data being downloaded. (this means I can’t set up tracking urls and commence my adwords campaign)

    Second, with the latest “google slap” it’s aadivisable to avoid aff links on the landing page, so I decided to use a 2 page system, using WordPress. Only their isntructions for doing this with WP don’t seme to work either!

    Help! I’m sure SJ is a great tool -when it finally works – but I’m getting problem after problem and very slow/ineffective tech support. If you really do “have the ear” of the head honcho, pleasse pass this on to him!

  2. Hi Robin,

    I checked with Billy and he’s not aware of any known issue in the current version (as of yesterday). Make certain you’re updated to the latest version, it will auto update when it’s launched so quit SJ, then launch it again, and it should update.

    You shouldn’t have any trouble using SJ with a landing page but I don’t know what directions you followed… feel free to post what you’ve done and I’ll see if I can advise!


  3. ok, I’m taking your word for it and jumping into SJ. I got it about 5 minutes before the deadline…Now I’ll just keep praying that its “all that” and the DT issue gets worked out. In this age of automation and aggregation, it would seem to be just a matter of time.

    I don’t suppose there are any bennies for going through your site?
    yeah, I’m trying ATG through you as well…


  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Just an update ..the Adwords issue got sorted (eventually – after nearly a week).

    With WordPress, their solution for passing the sjid variable from page to page doesn’t work properly. I had to get a solution written which now works (if anyone wants it let me know).

    I can’t seem to generate tracking URLS on brand new Adwords campaigns due to no clicks – is this correct? If so, how do you get round this …is ti jsut a case of launch, wait for a click, then generate tracking URLS.

    (I have emailed support but on their track record I reckon you’ll give me a better/faster answer ,lol)

  5. Hi Robin,

    I’m not sure what you mean about not being able to generate URLs due to no clicks…? Typically you would generate all your URLs, then load them up into the keyword destination URLs in Adwords Editor, and upload the campaign. I’m not following what you mean about waiting for a click…?


  6. Hi Jonathan,

    SJ won’t dowload zero click keywords which means you can’t generate a tracking URL ..unless you get a Google API. I did this, but find it still won’t download new campaigns which are paused because I need to enter tracking URLs. Catch 22 !

    On campaigns where I can download the keywords, when I go to generate tracking URLs it just outputs URLs with loads of question marks. I am told (eventually) this is a currency issue (I am in the Uk, so my adwords is in £) but find this hard to believe. They tell me it’ll take a coupel of months to sort out!

    About ready to throw in the towel with SJ and look for alternative. Any ideas?

    On a separate note, I want to explore PPV but find a lack of good information on this. Any pointers to a good course/source of info?

  7. Robin,

    Any woes with StatsJunky have already been fixed, or will be very soon.

    First off… the issue with support not getting back to you. that has never been the case. Support was getting back to you, but some ISP were squashing our emails before they ever got to the recipient. That has been addressed by our new web based support.

    If you ever submit a ticket there and don’t hear back… it’s not because they didn’t reply, it’s because you didn’t get the message. Just check the site for your entire message history on all submitted tickets.

    Now as it relates to your keyword tracking. I’m not sure if you know or not, but we have replaced our development team with on, that is light years aheald of the previous team. But there was a lot of catch up for them to do to improve the apps core processes.

    Now that we are through that phase we are remapping all of the existing sites to increase the reporting, and adding any new sites that people submit include Jonathans long awaited PPV sites!!

    We are also about to start on the PPC side and work to improve the functionality of it. One of the first things we’ll do with the wizard is allow you to import directly into it from whatever program you use to create your campaigns.

    So for example, it might work like this:

    Speed PPC > StatsJunky > Adwords

    That will mean that all of your keywords are tracked from the get go.

    I can’t say exactly when that will be completed, but I can tell you that the PPC side and the Wizard is what we are focusing on starting next week.

    I just about forgot your first issue with the WP setup. We don’t personally use WP, so it’s not something that we a lot experience with. The support for it has all been user submitted. If you have any info on how it can be better, by all means please let us know.

    I hope that this answers your questions. If not submit to our support department (which forwards to trash)

    I’m only kidding.

    Ok.. enjoy!!


  8. Billy,

    I appreciate your comments but they are simply not true.

    Your support doesn’t reply to tickets (I even log on to the ticket system to check. After experiencing so many problems with SJ, including apparent “currency issues” I requested a refund ( I was previously advised the refund period would be extended due to the ongoing problems I had experienced).

    One month and many, many support requests later I have had no refund. In fact, support tickets are now going unanswered (6 days and counting).

    I think your view of your support system and what is actually happening are wildly different and would advise you to take a good look at it before you get a bad rep with your customers.

    I live in hope of getting the promised refund but it looks like a credit card chargeback is the only way as your company doesn’t seem to want to honour it’s agreements.

  9. Hi Robin,

    This is James with StatsJunky support. I am the agent that answered your ticket a few days ago regarding your refund. Ticket #11869

    In this ticket I confirmed that your refund had in fact been processed. Please login to the helpdesk and click the open ticket on the top right had corner of the page. Ticket #11869

    When a ticket is answered, the customer automatically gets an email. The day I responded to your ticket, you had an auto responder set up with a message that said you would be out of the office. This may be why you missed the ticket update.

    I will go ahead and attach your Paypal refund information here for you.

    (Unique Transaction ID #80D16394BN940705H)

    Amount sent:
    -$297.00 USD

    I apologize for any difficulties that you had and hope that you’ll come back soon and try it out again. I know that you’ll be more than satisfied with the experience.


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