StatsJunky Webinar Live with Billy!

OK, I mentioned it on my previous brief interview with him, so the time has come.  I’m going to have a live webinar with Billy from StatsJunky, in order to give you all a chance to see SJ live in person as well as ask questions or see any aspect of the program first hand.

Title: StatsJunky Live Webinar w/ Billy
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

You must register here to attend:

A replay link will be sent out to all registered attendees.

Whether you already use StatsJunky or not, this is your chance to grab the ear of the guy at the top, so don’t miss it.

I look forward to having you on the call!


11 thoughts on “StatsJunky Webinar Live with Billy!

  1. DOH!! Sorry guys you’re both right – August 12 was the default that GotoWebinar chose for the date and I just missed it.


    As far as I know the StatsJunky birthday offer is good until the 31st.

    Sorry for any confusion, I’ve sent out a correction notice to everyone who has already registered.


  2. Yes the special is good through July 31st. I don’t know the exact cutoff TIME though, probably a good question to ask Billy on the call tonight! 🙂


  3. Hey TT,
    I got the email to join the Webinar, but when i got to this page i got distracted with the yellow box begging me to fill out the box to get more videos, when I filled in the box it took me out here never to return. So I says to myself…did Jonathan trick me in to coming here with a webinar to get me to fill in the box… then I answered.. no TT would not trick me.. not the JackRabbit of SEC.
    So here i go back to my email and click again and lo and behold if I peek just below the yellow box I can just make out the webinar invitation..
    Maybe I am just dumb, but wonder if others may have missed the invitation by being distracted by the desire for future movies… Just a thought… it does take you out and you assume you are all done..

    But I is here now…

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    I bought SJ based on your recommendation. 🙂

    Please do cover content network tracking…

    In particular, does SJ give info in converting placements (currently using P202 and it does)… also adgroup-level profitability since ads are placed by adgroup (or theme).


  5. Tom you old so-an-so! How ya been?? Wow good to run into you again, it’s definitely been a while!

    Not sure what you’re describing about getting bounced out to nowhere? Sounds like maybe I’ve got a bad redirection happening or something… I’ll have to look into that. Hopefully you were at least able to register for the webinar though. Ignore the shiny yellow box for a while eh? 😉


  6. Jonathan,
    Did you send out a notice for this webinar? If you did I didn’t see it and I missed the webinar and also missed signing up for the webinar. I’ve already purchased StatsJunky because of your recommendation previous to this webinar, so can I still get it for the birthday offer price? I purchased StatsJunky on &/22/2009.
    Mark Steele

  7. I didn’t register because here in GMT land the webinar wasn’t scheduled to START till 2am!

    I know most webinars are timed to suit those in the US but is there some way of accessing it afterwards or is it better to book a spot knowing I’ll not take it up – just to get the replay?

  8. Mark – Yes I sent out a couple of announcements, maybe they’re being eaten by your ISP or spam filters?

    You should have been able to get SJ for the birthday price when you bought it, if you didn’t contact SJ or go on one of their daily webinars and I’m sure they’ll sort it out for you.

    Norman – Yeah I always struggle with the time issue for these things, with attendees all over the world it’s impossible to make it work for everyone. =( I’ll go ahead and post the replay to the blog so everyone can see it. It’s never a bad idea to register even if you think you won’t be able to make it live, sometimes I might send out a special something only to those who did in fact register. 😉


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