Speed PPC for almost half price!

Damn I meant to put this up sooner but just plain forgot.

If you don’t already have SpeedPPC in your PPC marketing arsenal, here’s your chance to get it for almost half price:


They’re running a really short term special deal, I believe as of now there are just a few hours left. Go check it out and give them some feedback on their new site, and grab SpeedPPC version 4 before it’s really had it’s public launch.



2 thoughts on “Speed PPC for almost half price!

  1. Dude,

    It looks like this does everything LPgen does and more. How does it work with LPgen and/or why would we need LPgen if we get speed ppc?

  2. Fred,

    That’s a really common misconception actually. SpeedPPC and LPGen are almost totally different tools, with a small amount of overlap. They work incredibly well together however.

    SpeedPPC includes a few landing page templates that have some dynamic keyword insertion in them, but that’s all. There is no dynamic content generation from SpeedPPC at all. There also are no “SEO Friendly” rewritten URLs, nor is there any central place where all your page templates are stored. Every landing page would require you to upload a separate file to your server and you would have to manage all those files yourself. Not a big deal if you’re so inclined, but personally I much prefer a centralized interface for managing everything.

    Oh and SpeedPPC also has a datafeed option, as does LPGen, though SpeedPPC’s requires an SQL database and that you import all your data into the DB first, where LPGen simply works from a flat tab delimited file and requires no database.

    Those are the only two areas they overlap however.

    On the flip side, LPGen doesn’t create PPC campaigns at all, and that’s where SpeedPPC really shines. It will build and deploy your campaigns to a whole range of PPC providers (not just the “big 3”) and the new version even has some keyword research & manipulation tools, and other handy bits & pieces.

    I love SpeedPPC, but I often caution people from buying it, who don’t already have the PPC fundamentals down comfortably. I compare SpeedPPC to a chainsaw: If you want to build a house and you’re in the forest, a chainsaw is the only sensible way to quickly cut down the wood you need. But if you DON’T know what you’re doing with it, you’ll lose a limb. SpeedPPC will allow you to build more campaigns, faster. But if you don’t know how to build a solid campaign manually, then you’ll simply build larger, losing campaigns, faster. Fortunately the SpeedPPC folks are including a lot more training with the product these days, so hopefully that helps newbies get the basics down comfortably.

    If you do already know what you’re doing, SpeedPPC is an excellent tool. And at nearly half off, I think it’s too useful not to buy. Assuming of course you plan to be a PPC marketer. If PPC isn’t your thing, then there’s not much point in having SpeedPPC.

    Hope that helps clear it up!


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