Sneak Preview – New KWBot Release

You may not even know what this is since I don’t talk about it a whole lot and haven’t ever really opened it up to the world at large. KWBot is my personal keyword tool, my “secret weapon” if you will, that I’ve used for about 3 years. Around a year ago I decided to let a small group of people from the PPCFormula community have access to it, and I’ve offered access as an affiliate bonus a couple of times… but that’s just about it.

It wasn’t pretty, wasn’t fancy, but got the job done better than any other keyword tool, and in ways that nothing else worked. Here are the original KWBot tutorials.

I decided a little while ago to let a designer friend of mine loose on it, and he came up with a really cool look for it that I decided I’m going to go ahead and roll out. I got tired of the blank white background and dull un-styled web form.

I also had my programmer add a number of new features. I’ll be formally announcing what they are and how they all work soon, but for the moment… here’s a little tease for you:

New Upcoming KWBot Interface

See if you can spot the new options and start imagining how they might be helpful when mining for gold keywords…


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