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Just found out about this, some of you WordPress users (who isn’t??  LOL) might benefit from it.  From the order page:

The Adwords SmackDown WordPress plug-in v1.b1 integrates the Adwords SmackDown into any WordPress Blog site through our latest custom plug-in module. This new product offers 5 different options for cloaking, the ability to make Ad-Sets on the fly with unlimited offer inserts for split testing & weighting for each new offer added to each Ad-Set.

Content generation based on keywords and the ability to choose where that content is shown based on the relevant category in which you choose. This option also has weighting, so you can choose to have “X” amount of content pulled from 5 article resources, Amazon, Yahoo Answers & YouTube with Wikipedia and others that will be available in upcoming releases.

– Bot, IP, UA (user agent), referrer & language Identification with several options to choose in which you would like to set them. (VERY STRONG Addition).

– Cookie stuffing / Link popping to ensure that you get your commissions (and other features discussed only in the members area).

– Referrer masking to ensure that your generation methods stays your business and not your affiliate managers 😉

That’s all I know so far, I don’t even know if there’s actually a sales page for it or anything but this is the order link where the above was taken from:

Smackdown (at least the LPGen version) is a clever javascript cloaking method, and this sounds like a pretty souped up version… check it out if you have need for WP cloaking!


One thought on “Smackdown Pluging for WordPress

  1. Hi there everyone 😉

    I wanted to thank J for giving this post regarding our new version of the Adwords SmackDown. Please feel free to contact me or any of our staff regarding any questions you have. You can leave us a support ticket at either of our two sites.

    For technical questions please contact us at

    You can also reach us at our live support by going to .

    Thanks again Jon, have a safe trip brother 😉


    Aaron Young
    ECM SmackDown LLC <==

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