Risk Management in Online Marketing

I’m going to be the guest on a webinar with Mark Roth, owner of www.OfferVault.com Tuesday evening, September 22.  It’s free to attend, and I’ll be talking about something I feel is exceedingly important in online marketing but doesn’t get talked about a whole lot – risk management.  It’s not sexy, but it can be the difference between life or death for your online business.

Click here to register for the webinar:


I’ll be happy to take all the questions I can, so I hope to “see” you there!


2 thoughts on “Risk Management in Online Marketing

  1. I could not make it into the meeting (it was just a bit too late for me and I went to sleep) but I am sure you gave some valuable insight into this subject. Will you be able to put the interview here?

    Stay frosty,

    PS: Loving the way things are turning since August. Must be the “Magic Bullet Effect” 🙂

  2. Hey Mike, glad to hear things are turning around for you. Congrats!!

    Mark said the replay will be available to all members of http://www.OfferVault.com so if you don’t already hav a free account (and really, who in CPA marketing doesn’t??) go sign up and you should get access to it probably later today.

    It was a fun webinar, hopefully people got a little something out of it!


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