Reverse Birthday Party! Woohoo!

Today is a special day!  I got a note from fellow marketer and all-around good guy Matt Harward that his 40th birthday is this week!

If you don’t know Matt, you can find out about him on his blog at and if you DO know Matt, then odds are you already pay attention to him on those rare occasions when he pops his head up out of his “cave”.  🙂

Matt is one of those serious “underground genius” marketers.  I don’t say that lightly either… the guy operates on a different plane of existence from anyone else I’ve ever known in the online marketing world.  No joke… he has an exceedingly rare combination of extreme business smarts (how many of us have built and sold a software company for millions of dollars?  Not me!), extraordinary communication skills (how many of us have had our own radio show?  And I’m not talking on UStream either!), and technical ability (when I need “the impossible” coded, Matt is the first guy I go to… and he usually solves whatever it is within 48 hours).

So in honor of his first and only 40th birthday, he’s giving US a present!  If you’ve followed him at all you know that Matt makes absolutely freaking amazing tools and tends to just GIVE them away (sometimes I think he’s nuts but hey…  😉 )

This week is no exception, and he’s giving away a killer private PPC tool and the information on what to do with it.

Go check it out as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  Matt is one of the few people that I can automatically endorse no matter what he’s doing, because I know he’s got amazing integrity and only puts out the best tools possible.

Matt is someone you absolutely want to pay attention to… you won’t hear from him a whole lot, but just consider him the “E.F. Hutton” of internet marketing.  When he speaks, people listen!

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Reverse Birthday Party! Woohoo!

  1. Hi John, I’m doing great thanks for asking! Though I did just get booted offline for about 4 hours when my router inexplicably took a dump! Just moments after I posted this blog post too… weird. I call conspiracy! LOL

    Anyway yeah… I’m very excited to see where Matt’s going with this whole thing. Of course I immediately applied last week or whenever it was to be a part of his braintrust. Sounds like I’ll get to be in it one way or another though details are still quite sketchy. Exciting stuff for sure!


  2. Wow that’s freakin’ awesome. It’s the internet marketing world read my mind. I was just thinking the other day how awesome it would be if i could find something that could create bulk image ads for the content network that didn’t cost another 1,000 bucks like keyword rockstar and low and behold here it is.


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