Retargeting Gone Wild!

For those of you who were on Gauher’s amazing 3-hour webinar tonight… you got to witness him in rare form!  I was pretty amazed he went as long as he did and went into as much detail as he did, all on a free webinar.  What a guy.

Now, the subject of retargeting seemed to get a lot of people pretty fired up – and with good reason!  But I could tell from the questions people asked that there was a lot of confusion about it and uncertainty about how it works, how to use it, etc.  I’m working on some bonus info that the webinar inspired me to create, that will hopefully open some eyes in a BIG way about what can be done.  But in the meantime, here is a video I posted a couple years ago that has probably only been seen by a few dozen people.  It illustrates perfectly just why retargeting (or “remarketing” as Google calls it) is so insanely powerful.

Enjoy it!  Oh and if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Gauher’s Media Buying Sumo course when it launches tomorrow (Tuesday).  He had just under 2,000 people registered for this webinar, and I know he’s got some huge heavyweights promoting the course, so I anticipate a potentially mad rush to get in the door tomorrow.  If you were one of the lucky ones who got to test his cart for him tonight – congrats!  And those who bought through my link, just be sure to email me telling me so and I’ll get your bonuses out to you once the launch has calmed down and I’ve finished up the extra goodies I’m working on now.  😉  Stay tuned!!



5 thoughts on “Retargeting Gone Wild!

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Any chance a recording of Gauher’s webinar will be made available for us “far-siders” of the world? Thanks!

    • Howdy David! Yes Gauher did record it and said there would be a replay, I don’t know any details on its availability however. Also there has apparently been a technical issue of some sort and the launch is delayed slightly. Not totally sure what’s going on there but I’m trying to find out!


    • Well the idea is to be able to sell access to other people’s lists (or yours). It’s something totally new that the retargeting networks are working on. I guess eventually you’ll somehow be able to make your list available to other people’s traffic, based on the demographics you used to build it. Then other marketers will be able to pay for access to your list. Could be very interesting for sure, I’m excited to see where this goes!


  2. VIdeo stream is not working for me, please check? I would also like to see the replay, could not attend, not in US.. the webby was in the middle of the night my time so please make the replay available? Thanks!

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