Remarketing Unleashed!

I recently promised a bonus video for those who purchased A.M. Khan’s Adtext Image Creator software through my link.

Well I’m sorry to say you’re not getting a video.

You’re getting *FOUR* videos.

This turned into over an hour of pure content, split into 4 videos, covering the complete process of setting up remarketing for use with PPV.  I call it “Remarketing Unleashed”.

The 4 videos are:

01 – Introduction
02 – Remarketing Code
03 – Adwords Campaign
04 – Adwords Reporting

Frankly I’m very pleased with how these came out, and I think they will give a major leg up to anyone who wants to try remarketing.

Again these videos are available for free to those who purchase Adtext Image Creator through my affiliate link.

Also don’t forget that TODAY, Monday June 28th is the FINAL day for the $97 price on AIC.  This is a steal so if you really think that remarketing and banners are in your future, and you don’t already have another tool to handle that part of the process, I strongly suggest you consider AIC very seriously.

I’m just as excited about remarketing as I was on the original phone call with A.M. – maybe even more.  A bunch of you have been emailing me with your early results, and I must say that while nobody has admitted to hitting it “out of the park” yet, the potential is DEFINITELY there and there are some very cool things brewing for some of you!

I hope that my videos will help you understand how to set everything up, if you haven’t already figured it out.  And even if you have, I throw out a few ideas and possibilities that I think are worth listening for.

If you already bought AIC during this special, grab your Order Number from your receipt and go start watching now!

If you buy AIC today before the deal ends, give me up to 24 hours to add your order ID to my system for access to the videos.

Enjoy all!!



Yes I will make these videos available directly in the near future, but I want to reward the new AIC buyers with a head start first.

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