Raj’s memory will endure…

This is a bit of a difficult post for me to write, and is a far cry from the sorts of things I usually talk about.

You may have noticed the banner at the home page of my blog, referring to my friend Raj who passed away quite suddenly almost a year ago.  Raj was a very important figure in my life, as he showed up and influenced me at just the right time.  Without his pushing and encouraging, I’m not sure I would have reached the level of success that I have with regards to my business efforts.

Raj was a big believer in charity, and donated more in a few short years, than probably most people ever will in their entire lives.  To that end, his family has chosen to keep his charitable efforts going in order to reach (and ultimately surpass) Raj’s visions.

He actually got me to sign up for one of his favorite charities – www.kiva.org – and even sent me $100 to jump start my micro-lending.  He was so serious about it that he all but forced me to donate.

That initial $100 has now been lent out, returned, and lent out again numerous times, and will continue to benefit aspiring entrepreneurs in “third world” countries for many years to come.

Way to go, Raj.

His other charity was devoted to bringing clean wells to numerous countries that have a serious need.

In honor of Raj and his family’s efforts, I ask you to have a look at the blog set up in his name, and consider donating to one of his chosen charities.

The world will be better for it, just as it is better for Raj’s having been here.

One thought on “Raj’s memory will endure…

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. After viewing your youtube videos and reading about you, it is obvious Raj was a dear friend of yours. I’m also sorry I’ll never know him.

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