Prepop Power Profits – Here at last!

Prepop Power Profits – How I Built a List of Over 60,000 Optins In Less Than 6 Weeks And Earned $64,821.60 In CPA Commissions Doing It!

I first must apologize for the TWO previous dates I have said
this would be available.  The final delivery of the report is
not directly in my hands, and I was wrong – TWICE – about the
date it would be ready.

But regardless, that day has finally arrived!!

In order to get my report, you will first be given access to a
report written by my CPA Marketing mentor, Gauher Chaudhry,
called “The Insider’s Guide to CPA Marketing Profits”.

Frankly in my world, Gauher is the SOURCE to go to for what’s
working NOW in CPA marketing.  I don’t ask him about Clickbank,
I don’t ask him about blackhat, and I don’t ask him about SEO.

I ask him about CPA MARKETING because that is his specific area
of complete mastery.  Not just PPC either, any form of traffic.

You wanna learn something right?  You go to a master.  And
Gauher is that guy.

Anyway, after you opt in to get his report, you’ll be able to
get mine.  So head here now:

I’m not going to wax poetic about how amazing this report is,
I’ll let you be the judge of that.

But I have never seen anyone talking about this subject in any
detail, and I know that this could be life changing for some.

I look forward to hearing of your results!!


7 thoughts on “Prepop Power Profits – Here at last!

  1. Dude i’m hoping you can clear somethings up for
    me so I can trust what you say…

    In this report you say you made $64,000 from
    the 60,000 opt-ins, but in your emails to infusion
    you say you made no money from the 60,000

    Is it coincendental and you just get 60,000 opt-ins
    quite often? Were you trying to hide that you made
    money from the emails to infusion? Or… well I won’t
    say the other one.

    I’m not trying to be a doosh here, but I wanna give
    credit to your material when I read it and I’m seeing
    some discrepancies.

    I’m fully expecting you to tell me I got it all wrong
    and there is a logical explanation. I doubt with your
    reputation that it would be anything shady.

  2. Justin – I see your confusion. What I meant by making no money from the emails, was that I made nothing from emailing them. I made money from the CPA network when the people went through the offer, but my emails to them did not result in a single conversion. I had WAY too broad of a list, and I was not clear in setting expectations on what I would be sending them. Plus in my subsequent autoresponder email, I was trying to promote things I like myself, so I chose two “cost per sale” offers that require people to actually buy something. Those are in my experience a harder sell unless you have a pre-existing relationship with the list.

    Charles – Thanks for the kind words! Really glad you liked it.

    Bojan – Yes I was using PPV traffic personally, as I generally do. I avoided discussing traffic sources in the report because I didn’t want to distract from the concept I wanted to teach, and end up on a big tangent talking about various forms of traffic and their pros and cons. The prepop concept is what I wanted to get across.


  3. Hey Jonathan,

    First off thanks for the report and the resources I’m currently doing a case study myself and will be recording all the steps in the process. My question is this, I have several email submit offers per network that I’m testing.

    However my challenge is I would like to rotate offers on the same network, how can one accomplish this if the php code has to executed from submission to redirect to the offer. I should be able to pass the variables twice I’m think once to the rotator for the offer and from the rotator to the redirect and from redirect to offer.

    I’m not a coder and I’m not sure how I would accomplish this, I hope my question is clear. At the end of the day I just would like to be able to rotate offers and still pass variables. Any insight you can give would be appreciated otherwise I will be building a lot of pages.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep crushing it.

  4. Hi Sam,

    Yes you can definitely do this. There are a bunch of ways but here’s the simplest one I think, if you’re already using my Prepop-ready landing page anyway:

    In the part of the page where the affiliate URL is defined, look for something like this:

    $afflink = “your-affiliate-link-here”;

    That defines just a single link, but what we want to do instead is define an array of links and then randomly pick one each time. Technically it would be better to choose them sequentially but then that requires writing a file (or using a database if you’re technical enough) to keep track of what offer was rotated last and choose the next one. The random approach is easier to implement and understand.

    So we’re going to change that line to this:


    $afflink = array(

    $afflink = $afflink[0];


    That will scramble up the list of links, then choose the first one in the newly randomized list. From then on the rest of the code would be the same as always, since you now have a single link selected to work with.

    Of course this assumes all the offers use the same prepop code, which they probably will if they’re all from the same network, but not always so make sure you ask your rep.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!


  5. Hey Johnathan,

    Thanks for the response much appreciated I will implement this strategy to rotate these offers and let you know my results. This should be a pretty cool case study and of course looking to make some cash as well. Thanks again for sharing!

    -Sam Bell

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