PPVFormula (PayPerViewFormula) goes public!?!?

OMG this is a monumental opportunity for those who jump on it and really run with it… absolutely no joke.


A lot of people know that I gave up PPC traffic completely in favor of PPV traffic once I learned about it from Gauher Chaudhry about 18 months ago.  I wasn’t kidding at the time, and I still have spent maybe $200 with Google in the last 18 months… again, no joke.  The original video that stirred a lot of people up is here:

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I also used 100% PPV to completely crush the competition in the Top Affiliate Challenge.  My best day on the show was just shy of $4k gross commissions (and yes it was a profitable $4k after my ad costs).  In fact I think about 6 of the contestants on the show ended up buying Gauher’s courses after seeing what I did with the techniques.

PPVFormula has up to this point only ever been available to customers of Gauher’s PPCFormula course.  This meant you had to buy PPCFormula (about $1300 I believe) and then PayPerView Formula, and of course you’d want the upsell software (created by me and my partner Kip btw 😉 ) so you’d be looking at close to $2k by the time it was done.

This was the ONLY way to get ahold of PPVFormula.

Loads of knockoff products and courses have come out, and I’ve seen many of them… I have to honestly say the ones I’ve seen have been HORRIBLE.  Not just low quality, but DANGEROUS information, recommending tactics that I know for a fact will result in you not being paid, and losing a ton of money.

Gauher’s PPVFormula is the ONLY truly complete course on PPV traffic brokering that I’ve seen anywhere.  The forum alone is well worth a monthly fee though it’s actually included at no charge.  I’ve never seen any forum with as high a ratio of success stories in it, as Gauher’s forums (both of them).

Well, Gauher decided to go public with the course.  I think he decided that he’d had enough with the cheap knockoffs (he actually invented the term “PPV” for this kind of traffic) and that it was time to put out the good stuff for everyone.

That means you can now get your hands on PPVFormula yourself WITHOUT having to own PPCFormula first!  Oh and it now INCLUDES the custom software he had me co-develop only for his customers (it’s not sold outside of PPVFormula).

This is an absolutely earth shattering opportunity for anyone who is committed and takes action – AND has a budget for advertising.  Let me be VERY VERY CLEAR HERE:  PPVFormula is about sending PAID TRAFFIC to affiliate links.  Many things about it are FAR easier than PPC (hence why I and many others abandoned PPC alltogether) but it also carries a VERY high degree of risk, if you don’t know what you’re doing!  It will require spending money to gather data about what’s working and what isn’t.

This is NOT “free” traffic (and there is no such thing anyway).


You can’t imagine HOW targeted until you use it.  Wanna appear in front of your competitor’s website?  No problem.  Wanna snipe traffic that other affiliates have already pre-qualified and paid for?  No problem.  Wanna build massive email lists fast (I obtained 65,000 optins in 6 weeks before I really knew WTF I was doing…)?  No problem!

Are you seeing a small portion of the possibilities here?


There aren’t very many things I hammer on this hard… seriously, read my blog and look at the other stuff I’ve promoted.  You won’t find ANYTHING that I jump up & down and scream about as loudly as PPVFormula.

PPV isn’t for the faint of heart, or those afraid of taking risks, or those who can’t handle numbers (if you’re running 400,000 visitors per day to 30 different offers on 10 affiliate networks you had BETTER like dealing with numbers!)  This is for those who are aggressive in their marketing approaches, and aren’t afraid to run with something that most people have never heard of and would be scared to even try.

In case you missed it above:  ppvformula

He’s giving away a free report for opting into his list (plus watching Gauher launch a product is always a valuable education in itself because he shares his results and data) so definitely go check it out right away.  It launches October 8th and you don’t want to be left out!

I will also have an AWESOME and absolutely positively unique bonus for those who buy through my link, that you won’t find anywhere else at ALL.  I’ll be disclosing just what that is shortly and how exactly to get it.

So one more time… this is basically a brief PPVFormula Review to let you know that it’s about to become available to the general public, so that you don’t miss out on this truly life and business-altering opportunity.


Get PayPerView Formula

See you in the forum!


11 thoughts on “PPVFormula (PayPerViewFormula) goes public!?!?

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    I am a fairly new member of PPCF. I was going to buy PPVF but Gauher took down the link. I will buy it thru yours. Will the price be the same as it was for PPCF members ? I am curious
    about your bonuses. Maybe its a good thing that he took the
    link down.


  2. Hi Dan!

    I believe the price is going up… I know most of us who have had PPVF for any length of time have beaten Gauher up for selling it so cheaply. =)

    I look forward to revealing my bonus to you soon!


  3. Dear Jonathan

    Having bought LPGen recently I am still struggling to put things together and there you are saying that you are “done with PPC”.

    How easy for you to be saying this!

    I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of newbies like me trying to find a way to make living with the IM, throwing money to buy tools and spend time to acquire skills until new stuff is promoted.

    Please do not take me wrong. Your LPGen is/was a very powerful tool and you are an excellent teacher but let me know what to do with LPGen.

    Do you see an end to this…

    May be something wrong with us Newbies!

    Best wishes


  4. Hi Choran,

    I’ve been asked this many times… I even had one person very indignently demand a refund for LPGen because I wasn’t doing PPC anymore (how dare you sell a PPC tool if you don’t do PPC… was basically the attitude).

    I said I quit PPC. I never said anything about not using LPGen.

    I use LPGen for EVERY campaign I run. Pretty much I don’t use anything other than LPGen or WordPress, for 99% of my business online. LPGen works fantastically in all sorts of applications… I originally marketed it as a “PPC tool” because I needed a narrow focus. How do you sell something that can do anything? So I chose a market I was involved in at the time (PPC to CPA via PPCFormula) and offered it to that market, and it was extremely well received and still is.

    However, I continued struggling with my PPC campaigns, even though I had solved one big problem (relevant landing pages). I still couldn’t/can’t write PPC ads worth a damn. I also was focusing strictly on search and not the content network, and as anyone will tell you… search is WAY harder.

    The fact is I hate building PPC campaigns. Absolutely despise it. And I have no staff… the guys I know who make BIG money in PPC (I’m talking 6 and 7 figures monthly) all have other people who do the “grunt work”. I don’t have that… yet. I know how to explain to someone else what to do, I just don’t have that “someone else” right now… though I’m working on changing that.

    So anyway, my doing PPC, PPV, media buys, or anything else has nothing to do with LPGen at all. LPGen is the hub that my business revolves around. No matter WHAT sort of traffic you use or techniques you apply, at SOME point you send people to a page that gets them to take an action. LPGen is where those pages all live.

    Also don’t misunderstand me to be saying that “PPC doesn’t work”. It ABSOLUTELY works as far as being an outrageously profitable advertising medium. I know too many people making more money from their bedrooms than most of the CEOs in Silicon Valley where I live, to ever make a claim like that. I’m just saying that I gave up on it BECAUSE I FOUND SOMETHING BETTER FOR ME. But other people have had dismal results with PPV and great results with PPC.

    So as the saying goes – Your Mileage May Vary. But for me and my money, PPV is where I choose to be… with LPGen by my side.

    Hope that helps clear it up!


    P.S. there is NOTHING wrong with being a newbie. We all were one once… I still remember spending an entire weekend trying to install WordPress, and still not getting it to work until Tuesday with help from tech support. That was less than 5 years ago!

  5. Dear Jonathan

    Really sorry but sincerely I did not mean to upset you. Please note that I was not looking for the refund or blaming LPGen in way, for my failure so to say but it was out of frustration being new to this field.

    Having slept less than 4 hours in the last 50 hours I am still working at 4:00 in the morning trying to work out WordPress, plugins and FTP. It is interesting to know that you were in the same situation not very long ago.

    I appreciate the encouragement but more importantly you have beautifully summarized the whole philosophy of internet marketing in your honest response which will take me or any newbie long way to achieve our goal.

    Best wishes


  6. Ohhh no, my apologies if I communicated poorly. I didn’t take offense to your comment at ALL… I was merely mentioning that some people actually got very upset that I would sell a tool that is useful for PPC, when I myself was no longer running PPC. I thought that rather silly… I mean, would anyone care if the CEO of Verizon used an iPhone (the iPhone is not supported by Verizon)? I just found it amusing that anyone would get so worked up (not meaning you) 🙂

    Gotta love typed communication… always lacking in subtelty that we take so for granted in face-to-face communication!


  7. Doug – Wait & see… 😉

    John – PPVF2 is actually FREE to owners of the original. Gauher didn’t even charge an upgrade fee or anything.

    I’m not 100% sure what the price on PPVF2 is going to be, I just know that it’s being increased (which is well justified IMO).


  8. Jonathan,

    My question is:

    There are lot of new methods or new tricks in PPVFormula 2 than PPVFormula 1? Or it is quite same?

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