PPCFormula2 closing doors tonight

PPCF2 will in fact be closing its doors at midnight EST tonight, Tuesday November 3rd.

That means there’s about 9 hours left as of this writing if you are thinking that PPC and CPA marketing might be for you, and to get the bonuses I’m offering:


And don’t forget that the upsell is the one-and-only PPVFormula2.

You’re going to start seeing a whole lot of PPV courses come out in the next few months, but I still say there’s nothing as thorough as PPVFormula, and certainly nothing with the community of the PPVF forum.

There’s also nothing like the bonus I’m offering for PPVF buyers either.  See for yourself:


Gauher’s focus is on CPA marketing, which is not for everyone.  Of course the techniques he teaches can be adapted to just about anything, but his personal focus is on CPA because that’s what he does to earn his living (I know this for a fact as I’ve sat with him in his home while he works on his campaigns & does his stats.  He’s the real deal 100%).

But if you’re not sure if CPA marketing is appropriate for you, the best thing to do is try it and see.  You’ve got 30 days to check out all the material.  But if you already know you won’t have time to get to it, or you know you won’t follow through, or this is just the next “shiny object” for you, then please save yourself the time & hassle and don’t bother.

Gauher’s materials work for those who make the time to make them work.

To all new members, welcome aboard!


2 thoughts on “PPCFormula2 closing doors tonight

  1. Hi David,

    LPGen is at http://www.lpgen.com but PPVDominator is not publicly for sale. It was created strictly for members of Gauher’s PPVFormula community. I also have my keyword digging tool KWBot but that’s also not open to the public at this time.

    So really the only thing I have on the open market is LPGen.

    Hope that helps!


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