PPC Training for Beginners to Intermediates

I know I’m going to get asked about this, so as a preemptive strike, here’s what (admittedly little) I know:

PPC Classroom is reopening their doors again for a short time.

They’ve been around for a while now and offer some pretty good training from the ground up on running PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing.

Personally I think PPCC is appropriate for the absolute beginner with no PPC knowledge, to the intermediate marketer that needs some more help and tips.

If you already own and understand Pay Per Click Formula or are already making solid profits from PPC marketing, then this probably isn’t for you.

Let’s cut through some of their sales hype (and believe me THERE WILL BE HYPE!  LOL):  Yes, some of their students have made money using their training. That happens with a lot of different systems if people take the time to learn and more importantly, put it into practice.

Here is the great thing though… they’re giving access to their system for less then $10 for the first month.  They’ll send you a training DVD in the mail, and all you pay is the shipping.  Along with the DVD, you’ll get access to their “9 Essential Modules” for PPC.  These are the kinds of things that often sell on Clickbank for $97 or more.

The modules include:

Market Research
Keyword Research
Direct Linking, Landing Pages, and Sites
Adwords Campaign Set Up
Landing Page Design
Google Quality Score
Launching and Checking
Split Testing
Bid Optimization

And of course they also provide other bonuses materials and tools inside.

Obviously they’d like you to stay on as a monthly “Inner Circle” member.  Some of the things they provide for those members are additional training modules (over 18 as of this time), and access to their member forum which is quite active. They even have professional PPC Classroom Coaches that are in there all the time answering questions and providing help with campaigns.

If you’re one that is struggling or looking for help on your campaigns directly from PPC experts, this is a good way to get that help for not a whole lot of money.

If this is something that fits your needs and you will use, check out their free report on the “5 Deadliest Mistakes” and then claim your “free” DVD (Shipping costs $7 US – $10 International) and access to the training.

Personally I’m a PPCFormula/PPVFormula guy but I know not everyone has the capital to start out there (over $2k for both with the tools).  PPCC is a great way to “get your feet wet” without having to commit a ton of cash up front.  You might decide in a few months that PPC isn’t for you, but at least you haven’t invested thousands of dollars to find that out!


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