Possibly my best purchase of 2011…

There’s a new member at the top of my list of all time favorite things in my business.  If you use WordPress at all, or especialy if you’re like me and have NOT used WP for a lot of things because you thought “WP is for blogs…” then you really must check this out!


I’m putting this to use immediately in an upcoming project, and can definitely see that I’ll be using it loads more into the future!  And for the next few days you can get it for a whopping $27.

I mean seriously – $27 for this???  You guys are out of your minds!  I was totally ready to pay the normal $97 price and I just happened to find out about it at the right time.  This is likely going to prove to be one of the best purchases I make in 2011, I’m that crazy about it.



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