PayPerView Formula Review (PPVFormula Review)


OK but seriously, I had no idea this had happened… Gauher slipped it right under my nose.  And I like to think I’m one of his insiders!  *sniff*  Apparently I’m not as “inside” as I thought!

PayPerView Formula 2.0 has quietly sneaked its way into existence!

That’s right, if you own PPVFormula 1 you can go log into the owner’s area and lo & behold you will see a whole new 2.0 course, laid out just like PPCF2 is.

Here’s what’s listed at the top of the modules:

Latest Updates:

09/07/09 – Uploaded 15 new videos (various modules)
09/03/09 – Uploaded five Strategy videos (Module 2)
09/01/09 – Uploaded three Media Traffic videos (Module 6)
08/31/09 – Uploaded two AdOnNetwork videos (Module 5)
08/29/09 – Uploaded two TrafficVance videos (Module 4)

So it’s been out more than a week and I didn’t even know about it!  That’s just not right!  LOL

OK so what does this mean to the rest of the world?  Well, if you don’t already own PPCFormula, it means pretty much nothing since you can’t own PPVFormula any other way (yet… 😉

BUT if you *DO* own PPCFormula already and don’t already have PPVFormula, then you WILL in fact be able to buy PPVFormula VERY SOON (i.e. tomorrow according to Gauher) if you go to the owner’s area of PPCFormula.

In case you’ve been living under an Internet Marketing Rock for a while, PPV Traffic is a largely unknown traffic source, that in the right hands is WICKEDLY powerful for all kinds of things.  It’s the sole type of traffic I used to absolutely DOMINATE the Top Affiliate Challenge reality show last year.  It’s almost the only form of paid traffic I’ve used at all for the past 18 months or so (I’ve done a splash of PPC, textlinks, and banners as well).

There are many “knock off” (to be polite) products about PPV that have popped up since Gauher literally coined the term that everyone now uses, and I’ve read many of them.  They are TERRIBLE and highly dangerous and give some absolutely horrific advice and strategies.  In my honest opinion, Gauher’s PPVFormula course is the ONLY complete and thorough course on the subject.  And the members-only forum?  Fugedaboudit!!  There is no equal to it anywhere, period.

So stay tuned as PPCF owners will be hearing from Gauher tomorrow about how they can buy it if they don’t already own it.  Existing owners can check out the new stuff NOW in their accounts.

The rest of the world?  Well don’t despair… I’ll have some exciting news for you in the near future.  😉


3 thoughts on “PayPerView Formula Review (PPVFormula Review)

  1. Hey Jon,

    Thank you for the update. Without your message, we would have gone longer in the “dark”. That said, this is exciting news for us PPCF members who purchased PPVF!

  2. Hi Jon,

    Is there a substantial volume of information that make the course valuable for the people who attended the Magic Bullet Seminar?

    Stay frosty,

    PS: BTW. Was that the most comprehensive internet seminar ever or what? 🙂

  3. Hey Mike!

    One word regarding both Magic Bullet and PPV Formula – OMG!

    Actually is that one word? Or is it three words in an acronym? LOL

    Either way… the seminar gave a VERY lightweight intro to CPV/PPF traffic. Gauher’s course is the only one of its kind, the only one that presents a comprehensive approach to utilizing PPV traffic as relates to CPA offers. But honestly in my opinion the real power in PPV traffic is if you go OUTSIDE of CPA offers… use it for lead gen for your own products, for list building, and for lots of other possibly sneaky things. 😉

    PPVFormula is freaking incredible, everyone I’ve talked to who got it and has really applied the material has agreed Gauher way way way undercharged for the course.

    It’s such a potentially dangerous and volatile traffic source, that without a complete understanding of its mechanics and what NOT to do, you can easily get very badly burned. The other ebooks out there that cover PPV are a prime way to get burned.


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