Only 100 people have seen this.

Back in November I spoke at Gauher’s TLC seminar in Toronto,
and I got to meet Peter “the CPA Advertiser Guy” while I was

His 2 hour + presentation had people pretty much freaking out,
and all but begging to give him a credit card when he had
brought nothing to sell.

Peter was genuinely sharing some stuff that to my knowledge
hasn’t ever been talked about openly before.

There were only 100 people in the room, and the rest of the
world still has no idea what went down.

Until now that is.

Here is your chance to watch the entire live presentation for
yourself, for free.

Those who have seen this before had to brave winter in Toronto
to do so, but you get to watch & learn from the comfort of
your chair.

Even if you don’t want to be an advertiser and are only
interested in being an affiliate, you’d be crazy not to watch
this and pick up on how an advertiser thinks.

It’s 2 hours of pure quality content so do set aside the time
to watch, listen, read (there are PDF transcripts too) and

Go check it out now, it’s free in exchange for the usual opt-in.

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