OMG I just fell out of my chair!

I just got to play with the new AdTextGenerator 2 moments ago… in fact I still am.


Obviously I don’t have any monetary results to show yet but I am absolutely flipping my wig excited over this thing.

More to come, I hope to have some more concrete measurable results from using it later this week.  I will leave you with this…

ESPECIALLY if you have GCD, ATG2 looks like the missing link.  NO JOKE.

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “OMG I just fell out of my chair!

  1. After reading the PDF InstantAdwords is not very clear what’s so special about the product. If I understood correctly it gathers the 8 currently visible ads and creates the ads for you for each keyword. Is that correct?

    About the hyped comment on page 16 about the inner works of the software: “AdText Generator uses a little-known secret trick to uncover what ads are already generating the highest click-thru-rates for each of your keywords.”
    I believe there is no way you can know the CTR of any keyword (except your own). The most you can do is to scrape the search engine and count how many times the ad appears (and which variants they use for the same visible URL or destination page) as done by PPC Bully or Hexatrack

    What are your thoughts?

    Stay frosty,

  2. Hey Mike,

    Yes it does do what you describe, but also a lot more. Technically speaking what STG does isn’t mind blowing by itself, it’s what YOU can do WITH IT that has me excited. I’m going to do a quick video shortly to illustrate.

    As for knowing the CTR, this is something that bugged me for a long time too… programs claimed to know “high CTR” ads and I was convinced it was total BS. Well it turns out there is a “hack” of sorts you can use (at least with Google, not sure about the others) to find the highest CTR ads. Basically it goes like this…

    If a searcher looks for something and Google can’t figure out exactly what they want, they get the closest match they can and show only the highest CTR ads for that search, because G needs to maximize their revenue.

    So if you have a search like:

    low interest mortgage

    you can ensure you get only the highest CTR ads by searching instead for:

    low interest mortgage 8743yg3lbvu8y

    Putting gibberish at the end of the search causes Google to say “wtf are you looking for? Al I understood was “low interest mortgagte” so I’ll just show you the highest CTR ads for that term and hope I got it right.”

    That’s basically the logic behind it. I don’t know if anyone at Google has ever confirmed this, but it seems to hold true (and it makes sense for them to do it to).

    So that’s the trick ATG employs.

    I’m excited in particular about the ability to EASILY move campaigns from Google to Yahoo and MSN… even campaigns that aren’t yours. 😉

    Stay tuned…


  3. I thought that in the case of not finding a perfect match, Google would show the broad and phrase match ads only and would leave out exact match.

    If what you say it’s happening in a consistent manner that a pretty good golden nugget to perform ad research. And if this tool does it for you, that’s even better.

    Stay frosty,

  4. Yeah it’s a clever trick all right. I don’t know how to confirm 100% that it definitively does report only the highest CTR ads in that case though. It makes total sense from Google’s POV to do that, but I’m not sure anyone’s quantified it.


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