OK it’s official he’s completely bonkers.

If you haven’t seen this yet, just go listen to Matt talk now.

The guy not only just plain tells everything like it is, he gives out his cell phone number for people to call if they have questions.

Maybe he got a special phone just for this that he can choose to ignore much of the time… I dunno how he isn’t just on the phone all day long now!!

Matt is so singing my tune… it frustrates me to no end to hear smart, creative, capable people get hung up on their internet marketing business because of a fear of or lack of knowledge about technology.

He is DEAD ON about most people having no idea what can actually be done.

People always tell me how “you can’t do xyz” or “abc doesn’t work” and most of the time it’s not based on them actually knowing what they’re talking about… they read in a forum or a book or heard from a friend or whatever.

Believe me… the general public in internet marketing has NO IDEA what the actual limits or boundaries are.

Matt is a guy who knows the limits, and also knows in most cases how to exceed them.

Damn I respect this dude.


One thought on “OK it’s official he’s completely bonkers.

  1. I am reading, re-reading and re-re-reading what Matt says everything about “Brain-Trust”. I am still a beginner but can understand the huge potential of what he says… it does make sense. Wish I can talk to him on mobile (trying, but voicemail…)

    New Zealand

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