Oh, so now I’m a thief?

I had a feeling this might happen, and it’s unfortunate but sometimes business just isn’t pretty.

Someone is claiming I have stolen his product idea and developed it without him.  As with most claims people make in life, there is a core grain of truth buried in there, but it simply did not go down the way this person is claiming and he’s doing one hell of a spin job on reality.

I’m simply not going to say anymore on the subject.  I’m not naming names – even though he has – and I’m not going to get nasty about it.  For whatever it’s worth, should you hear this story, you can make up your own mind what you believe, and act accordingly.



We had agreed to not discuss the matter with anyone, and not to speak badly of one another just because our business arrangement didn’t work out.  And now he’s gone and done exactly that.  To me, that speaks volumes.

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