New Favoritest Tool!

I’ve been needing this for at least 3 years…

Ad Text Generator

Watch my 15 minute review video & see for yourself. What a steal of a deal!


3 thoughts on “New Favoritest Tool!

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    How are YOU doing. I am not sure if this the right place to ask this question. I just watched the video “Some basic Excel data/keyword manipulation techniques”. As YOU said in the presentation I do agree with YOU to use Tools to make YOUR online task quick with efficiency. May I ask YOU to recommend any Alternative Keyword Manipulation Tool of Excel. Would appreciate YOUR suggestion. All the best.


  2. Hi Tora,

    It really depends on exactly what you want to do. If you just want to sort and organize lists, or string parts together to form other keywords (or urls, etc.), Excel is really fantastic for that. But if you want to multiply lists against each other to expand your lists, Excel is quite tedious.

    One tool I have used quite a lot in the past is Keyword Transformer. It does pretty much all the types of manipulations, multiplications, cleanings, etc. that you would ever want to do to keyword lists. It can handle up to 4 lists as I recall and manage data between them. Check out the video on the sales page for more detail. It’s really quite similar in function to the program I use in one of my other videos, but that program is not publicly available.

    I hope that helps!


  3. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for YOUR nice reply. I am sorry to reply late. I believe It will help.

    Highly appreciated YOUR advice. All the best.


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