Nab $829.85 worth of 3D animation & design software FOR FREE!

I wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t just grabbed it for myself.

Years ago (like in the late 90s) I was in the video editing & animation industry, and owned/operated a Post Production company. I wasn’t a 3D animator myself (I hired people for that) but I liked to dabble in my spare time. One program I played with a lot was Bryce – an absolutely amazing and unique environment & landscape design & animation system. It was absolutely amazing and there was nothing like it.

Bryce has been sold I think a few times since then to different companies, and the company who owns it now is GIVING it away along with some other software, and all you have to do is agree to receive their email newsletter.

WAY too good a deal to pass up… and I’m passing it along to you now. Enjoy!

For the First Time Ever, DAZ Presents

DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce Pro,

& Hexagon for FREE!


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