My PPVFormula (PayPerView Formula) bonus!

OK gang, here it is at last… announcing my bonus for those who purchase PPVFormula through my link:

1)  An account with my exclusive, private keyword tool – KWBot. This is a little different than what I’ve done in the past however… it will NOT require a monthly membership fee, however it will also not include any keyword credits each month, you’ll have to pay as you go.  In KWBot, there is a credit system and each credit gives you 1,000 unique keywords that you can pull down into your account.  Each credit costs $1 if you aren’t on a subscription plan (or if you run out).  This means that keywords are WAY more expensive without a subscription, but you only pay when you use it… so there’s a tradeoff.  If you decide you want to upgrade to a monthly subscription of $30 instead, just let me know and I’ll set it up.  This bonus account will come with 5 credits to get you started, after that you’ll need to purchase more when you use it.

2)  Access to my Prepop Power Profits report. The subhead pretty much says it all –

“How I Built a List of Over 60,000 Optins in Less than 6 Weeks and Earned $64,821.60 in CPA Commissions Doing It!”

This was a technique that I had to uncover for myself because NOBODY was talking about it (and I mean it, I hunted high & low for anyone saying anything about prepop… and found almost nothing.)  It was done all with PPV traffic although the concept applies regardless of your traffic source.  I had people contact me within days of implementing this that had suddenly gone from $50/day in profits to $300/day just from this one technique.  Until now this has only been available to people who referred enough leads to but you can get it without any additional effort!

3)  FIRST-TIME-EVER EXCLUSIVE! I am working on a very high level follow-up course that will be for PPVFormula community members only, designed to take Gauher’s existing techniques and crank them up with everything I have learned through LOTS of trial and error, about using PPV traffic.  I’m going to GIVE you one powerful module from this course for free as part of this bonus.  It’s titled “Demographic Domination” and goes in depth about obtaining and using demographic data in your PPV campaigns.  This is stuff that is mentioned but really not covered in depth in PPVFormula, and will give you a huge edge in your campaigns if you utilize it.

So there you have it, what I think is an absolutely stellar bonus for buying PPVFormula.  This is totally unique stuff that you can’t find anywhere else.  Oh and if you’re not familiar with KWBot, check out the tutorials here.

Click here to be cookied and qualified for my bonus

If you want this bonus and are in doubt about your cookie status, clear your cookies (or delete all cookies from and then visit my link.

Enjoy everyone!



join us on tonight’s webinar if it’s not too late!  There’s going to be a good surprise and you don’t want to miss it.  😉

25 thoughts on “My PPVFormula (PayPerView Formula) bonus!

  1. Call that a bonus?
    A keyword tool that you have to still pay to use – funny. Can’t you afford to give $5 worth of credit a month? A promise of a course, yet to be written. A crappy report too. Wow.
    Yet again you fail to deliver.

    I bet it would take just a couple of mins to find a better bonus elsewhere.

  2. Wow Jonathan! Looks like I’ll have to buy PPVF again! Thats a hell of a package you’ve put together. Can’t wait to hear about your “follow-up course”

  3. Wow… how do you really feel? I can’t quite tell! LOL

    So “yet again” I fail to deliver? That’s funny, I haven’t heard of all the other times. But hey, if everyone’s happy all the time, I must not be trying hard enough.

    KWBot is meant to be a revenue generator for me (outside of just using it obviously). If someone can’t easily justify the money it costs, then they are definitely doing something wrong and probably shouldn’t bother using it. I know one guy alone who credits KWBot directly with about $600,000 in revenue for him on PPC. So hey… it’s a bargain no matter how you slice it.

    I didn’t promise a course… I said I’m working on a course. No it’s not done yet, and no it’s not part of this bonus. The bonus is one MODULE from the course – and yes it’s written… I’m looking at it now.

    And my prepop report a “crappy report?” Wow, there’s someone who hasn’t ever used it, no question.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you aren’t making enough money with your online efforts. But usually when I call people out like that they spout how they make more money than I’ll ever see, blah blah blah and since it’s the internet and there’s no real accountability for most things, it doesn’t much matter to me anyway.

    If you see a bonus out there that is better suited for you, then by all means grab it. I don’t have a gun to your head.

    But thanks for stirring up activity on my blog… always gotta love a little controversy. 😉


  4. WooBeDoo,

    The bonuses are actually killer! I wish I would have gotten them when I joined.

    The keyword tool is very Exclusive and you would have to see it – to believe it!

    Having another advanced course lined up- in addition to Gauher’s course are you kidding- especially by someone like Jonathan!

    Getting stuff that you can actually use with the course to get more out of it- sure beats the heck out of a bunch re-hashed ebooks on IM.

    The truth is- you are at a disadvantage because you are not in the course or forums (hint the Forums are worth the price of the course).

    If you were you would realize how much Jonathan’s Bonuses were really worth!

    If you still want quanity over substance- use my link- I can take you to PLR Heaven- if that’s what you think bonuses are!

  5. There are alot of disgruntled people struggling to make it in the PPC/PPV world. We are struggling, but we are not disgruntled and do not find the need to plaster Mr. JVC like you did WooBeDoo.

    Do us all a favor and go ahead an quit now, leaves us a space for someone who won’t be a cry baby and a quitter.

    Just a thought, Could that be Gauher in disguise working up the crowd????? 😉

    I already use PPVF and have much appreciation for Gauher, JVC and a few nameless others, I have not met my goal yet, but I don’t cry about, I don’t quit. I just keep at it and keep trying to find the solution to my success.

    Thanks JVC, keep up the good work.

  6. WooBeDoo:
    I will tell you about my experience with Jon products:

    It ain’t nice. It ain’t fancy. But they work like gangbusters.

    KWBot. It’s a product waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the rest of the keyword tools. Its ‘lateral keyword’ engine will give you words you didn’t think about. Really useful on competitve markets.

    LPGEN: QS of 7-10 right of the bat for 1000s of keyword (tested and verified by myself). You can be just optimize the page to add relevance or ‘get dirty’ and cloack the page the agents you want (specially big G)

    PPVD. Really easy way to manage multiple offers, split test them with different weights, and track the number of impressions and conversions of each one. If an offer gets pulled just go PPVD and redirect the traffic to your 2nd best offer, no need to go to the traffic network.

    To end it here I will just add three things:
    1- It takes me a lot of effort to earn my money in AM
    2-I hate wasting money on useless and crappy tools
    3-I will buy any tool/course Jon releases.

    Stay frosty,

  7. Just my two cents…

    I’ve bought LPGen and KWBot and Jonathan has always delivered on his promises and when I’ve had questions, he has bent over backwards to make sure I got my questions answered.

    If you are sour grapes about his products then you’re probably not doing much with affiliate marketing. Too bad you have to try and make yourself feel better by talking trash over something you know nothing about.

    Thanks Jon


  8. Hi Jon (Can I call you that?) Just received my early bird notification from Gauher, so went to try and get PPV fdormula throguh your link as after attending the webinar last night was really impressed with you and would like your bonuses. (despite woobedoo), (Also signed up to your list today and have been looking at one or two of the trainig videos you’ve done, and I’m impressed yet gain, how smple you seem to make things sound the little trick on ad groups was an omg moment) – anyway not sure if I’ll be able to get PPV F as Gauher says after first 100 the price goes up, and, unfortunately I’m about at my limit (not a sob story, just an explaination) plus it may be sold out by the time your link is live – crafty that Gauher Huh? lol, look forward to more lessons from a master – take care Tim UK

  9. Holy cow… go offline for a day and look at what happens. =)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, it’s nice to know my efforts are appreciated! I’m doing the final render of the Demographic Domination video right now… I got a bug up my butt last night to make some additions and tweaks and just finished them up this morning.

    So bonus links for everyone should happen later today provided I can get the list of who bought under me, from Gauher. It doesn’t appear that his affiliate system gives me any way to see who actually bought myself… I can see there are sales, but not from whom. So if it’s a day or so late, just hang in there and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

    If you are sure you bought through my link and it’s been more than say 48 hours and you still haven’t heard from me, drop me a line at jonathan@ this (do I have to tell you to change it to LOL) and I’ll make sure to follow up with Gauher on your purchase.

    Thanks all, I can’t wait to hear your success stories!! There will be struggles, there will be frustrations… but there’s also gold at the end of that rainbow! 😉


  10. Hi jonathon,

    I am pretty sure I purchased from you aswell. I cleared all cookies and went through your link.

    In the address bar when i clicked through to the order page it said something like:


    in the query string.

    I know Gauher said it was only you, amish and two others promoting this so I hope you were affiliate #3 as I do look forward to your demographic module and kwbot.

    Thanks and talk soon,


  11. Hi Jon,

    I got up at 5am to click your link above after flushing my cookies 2 times. I even ignored the pre-release link given in the video just to get you the commission.

    Tell Gauher the dude from Hawaii is your guy.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  12. Just a note for all buyers. You are in for a treat.

    PPV is to by far the easiest form of traffic to create and actually there’s not much competition.

    Jon: How about your current PPVD, LPGEN or KWBot customers? (I’m all of them 🙂 Is there a way for us to get your Demographic Domination Video?

    Stay frosty,

  13. Will – saw your name on the list today so you should already have your bonuses!

    Mike – Good question on the video and I’ve been thinking about that for a while. How to give others access to it as well, without diluting the reality that it was intended as a special incentive for buying through my link. I mean, I guess I could charge a small fee for it by itself, but then that gets weird when I finish the entire course… so I dunno. I’m open to suggestions though!


  14. Suggestions? Here you have a couple from the top of my head:

    1- Sell your product in ‘beta’.

    We pay for the ‘beta’ version with the understanding that the material is not definitive and that there might be changes. As a byproduct you would have a bunch of very committed people to test the materials and make suggestions and improve your course even before is released. And once the full version is released, we get access to it.

    Those who know about you and your products wouldn’t have much of a problem buying it. You would have at least 1 customer: Me 🙂

    2- Charge for this module and offer a rebate for the definitive course.

    Stay frosty,

  15. Good ideas Mike, thanks! #2 especially is clean, simple to implement and quite logical. Now why didn’t I think of that? LOL

    I will consider it very very seriously… I want to get a little feedback from those who have watched the module so far and make sure I’ve hit the mark with it. Feedback from Gauher and a couple other people was excellent but I want to hear from the “customers” first hand. =)

    Thanks again for your valued feedback as always!!


  16. Hey Jon, what was the final number of new students that were added to the PPCF gang? I have seen a few of the new members in the forum and having fun talking and dishing out advice. I hope more of the new members start to jump into the mix.

    ~ Corey

  17. Hey Corey… I don’t actually know the final number, but I think Gauher was allowing like 250 new people in? Something like that. I know it wasn’t a huge number though.


  18. Yes indeed it is. I’ve had a lot of stuff happening recently so am behind on contacting those who have bought through my link, but if you (or anyone else) have bought PPVF and are entitled to the bonus, by all means contact me to let me know and I’ll get you squared away. 🙂


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