My New Covert Software…

For those who still visit this blog with any regularity…

The offer I made for Gauher’s list will remain open through the end of June and then will be gone.


3 thoughts on “My New Covert Software…

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    Long time no talk. How have you been?

    I see that you were also sucked into consulting for a Silicon Valley company. I totally understand. I had to extricate myself too. They did “own” me.

    Anyways, I was traveling so I missed your new WP Covert SW by a day. Any chance I can still order a lifetime copy?

    I still use your original LPgen by the way. Not an elegant interface but I’m used to it. And it works!



    • LOL yeah, the lure of a steady income stream was too great! Though in my case the real draw was getting to work with a group of friends of mine. We’d never gotten to work together on a project before so this was a “perfect storm” opportunity to do so. It was pretty good fun, and again the regular income was nice vs. the volatility of the IM world. But, I’m just not cut out for working on the same project and having the same meetings to discuss the same issues week after week, month after month. It feels good to be back. 😉

      So… very cool to hear you still use LPGen! I do too frankly, it’s still one of those tools that I go into just about every single day. The interface is extremely dated and I have a bunch of ideas on what to do to bring it up to modern standards. So it’s in queue… but I’m not sure how long it will be. Definitely looking forward to it though!

      Drop me an email (jonathan@tooltrainer) about CovertClicks, I’m doing something for all my old customers right now and I’ll hook you up as well.


  2. As well if you could add me. I just sent you a comment before seeing this page 🙂

    Thanks Johnathan…you are one of the brighter minds in the IM world…no bs just brains and success…

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