My inbox overfloweth!!

Just a note to anyone who’s emailed me recently (I’m obviously hoping you see this! LOL) that I’m going through the emails as quick as I can amidst everything else I’m working on.

After the 2.5 hour webinar Gauher & I did (I still can’t believe we went that long!!) I have a TON of emails and I absolutely WILL answer them all, it’s just gonna take a bit as I’m also juggling some other really big stuff.

So please be patient, hang in there and I will get to you just as fast as I can.  Promise!

Thanks everyone…



I need a good autoresponder that I can use for my personal responses to incoming emails.  Anyone got one they can suggest?  My criteria:

1)  It MUST NOT send a reply to every single email every single time.  This is the big problem with the CPanel autoresponder.  It needs to be smart enough to only reply once every few days or so.  Just like the GMail vacation autoresponder.

2)  I can’t use the Gmail vacation autoresponder because it will reply to ALL incoming emails from ALL accounts, and I have different business entities feeding into one Gmail account, so I can’t use the same autoresponder for all of them.

3)  There is no rule #3.

4)  It’s got to support both my Gmail as well as the POP3 accounts that feed into it.

5)  Do not talk about fight club.

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