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  1. Thanks for posting this, Jonathan. Based on your endorsement of Rob, I not only picked up the report, but also decided to join his coaching program. Looking forward to it!

    I’m sure your presentation at jvAlert Live will be stellar…have a great time!

  2. Hi Jonathan

    On your recommendation I signed up to Make Cash by Choice…

    What a disaster…!!

    I signed up in December paid the $7 and upgraded….$27 a month and waited and waited….and still waiting for the program materials…

    Bottom line..it sucks..!!

    I have requested ALL my money back..

  3. Wow Graham, that’s absolutely shocking to hear! It simply MUST have been a glitch in the system somewhere, I know Rob and there’s no way he would have not sent you anything unless he wasn’t aware of the order. I’ve had it happen for LPGen purchases too… that’s the downside of automated order fulfillment – sometimes it goes wrong and you don’t know about it until the damage is done!

    If you want I can put Rob in direct contact with you, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Or if you just want the refund I’m sure that won’t be a problem either.

    Sorry to hear about what happened… 🙁


  4. Ji Jonathan..

    Thanks for your input..

    I have sent even more emails to Rob…and still nothing!

    Glitch maybe…it happens…but this is ridiculous!

    I have asked for a refund on the basis that I haven’t seen the course…if I actually see the content I may be persuaded to stick with it..

    The problem is..the longer it goes on the worse it gets..

    I just cannot understand why he hasn’t responded to my emails..

    If you could assist with this I would be appreciative..



  5. Hi Jonathan..

    Thanks for getting on contact with Rob and putting a word in..

    It’s now been sorted..

    Rob was out of town and he wasn’t picking up his emails from another site..

    Got there in the end..

    Thanks again


  6. Hi, Glad that has all been sorted out.

    Now is anyone making any money with Rob’s program, “Cash By Choice”?

    I will need to hear a decent recommendation before I purchase it. I already have an account at 2 classified ad places and I post regularly but I have not seen any spectacular returns from them.

    If he has some additional info that will help, I am interested but if it is just ‘post and post regularly” advice, I can do that myself.


  7. I love the CashByChoice system, it makes me a lot of money. Well worth it. Don’t believe the nay sayers. They just don’t try. Get it, Work on it, and It will Work for you. Don’t be lazy!!!

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