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I’m totally slammed in preparation for the LPGen2 launching shortly, but I had to get this post out real quick between everything else.

If you haven’t seen the video where Amish walks through the use of his new Magic Bullet software, you’ve gotta check this out. No optin required or anything either… just watch the vid, then come back here.

Yes that’s an affiliate link. Duh. If you’re allergic to them, go here instead.

So, what’s your take? You think this is real? Too good to be true?

Well here’s the thing… I’ve spent a few days with Amish & Jay on a couple of occasions and man I gotta tell you, these guys know their stuff!! I’m not just saying this because I’m promoting their launch. They are about as cutting edge and “push the envelope” as anyone I’ve ever seen or heard of. I knew a lot of what their in-house systems were capable of (when I walked into their high-rise office the first thing I did was go straight to their huge whiteboard and study it intensely… LOL) but I didn’t really think they’d ever release it outside their own confines.

And the fact is I’m not certain that they have… I’m sure they have additional things beyond what they’re showing in their own version. What marketer doesn’t have a “special” version of their public tools for their own use?

But still, what Amish has shown so far is freaking insane. Being a software guy myself, I’m always a little skeptical when someone claims to be releasing the ultimate be-all end-all affiliate marketing tool that will do everything for you including squeeze your orange juice or make your coffee in the morning. But I’m optimistic that this is actually gonna deliver!

So the question is, does it really work? I spent a number of years back in the 90s as a paid product demonstrator for some high tech companies here in Silicon Valley, and I got very VERY good at publicly (usually in Vegas or Europe at various high end tradeshows) demonstrating software that could ONLY do what the demo required.

But nobody ever knew that because I always left them assuming that every button actually worked and that every feature I described would do what it was supposed to. Truth was most of the buttons would make the whole system crash! 😉

No big deal because that’s the nature of demonstrating technology that’s still a fair ways away from release. But this thing launches in just a couple DAYS! Is it ready for prime time?

I’ve seen Amish present the Hexatrack platform a number of times, and it always SOUNDED brilliant! But over time I’ve heard from a fair number of people who were disappointed in it, either because it didn’t quite live up to the expectations that were set, or took too long to work out the kinks, etc. I have a Hexatrack account but I really never did much with it. Like so many other things, I just didn’t set aside the time to really figure it out.

But I gotta say that none of the Hexatrack versions that I’ve played with, could hold a candle to what I saw Amish do in Magic Bullet. This thing is a monster… it’s like Google Cash Detective, Keyword Rockstar, Adtext Generator, Prosper202, and a ton of other insane stuff all merged into one mega system!

Please note that I have NOT yet had my hands on the software, but you can absolutely bet that I will very soon. According to Amish, they’re apparently giving all Magic Bullet Seminar attendees free access! Talk about good value for the seminar cost… WOW.

So what about you? Are you impressed? Excited? Jaded? Do you just not believe a word any marketer says on principle? 😉 Personally I’m in the excited camp… though it’s going to be probably a month before I can actually set aside the time to put MagicBullet through its paces. I sure can’t wait to do so though… I wonder if I can create a plugin for LPGen to tie the two together… Hmmmm…

What do you think?


19 thoughts on “Magic Bullet Software Review

  1. It looks like Amish’s system automatically builds lp’s or blogs. In a nutshell what would your lpgen add to the process?

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’m actually not exactly sure! That’s part of why I want to get my hands on it to see. But from what I saw, I’m not clear on what the content sources are for the blogs. Does it do like WPDirect or Caffeinated Content? Even those have somewhat limited content sources from what I’ve seen.

    I really just need to get ahold of it to see what’s missing or what I can improve upon. There’s almost always something. 😉


  3. I don’t care how great the software is… it still takes a person with knowledge and wisdom to get the most out of it. The best and fastest car in the world won’t make Joe Average into Dale Earnhardt. Nor, to be fashionably topical, will the best golf clubs make you into Tiger Woods. And really, at this particular moment in time, who would want to be? But I digress…

    Only somebody like Amish *has* the knowledge and wisdom to make this system really work right. Maybe other super-experienced CPA guys could benefit from it. Most tyros won’t.

    And as you suggest, Jonathan, I think it’s bound to be the “monkey model” anyway. There’s no way Amish is giving away the “keys to the kingdom.” Why would he?

    I have a feeling that like Hexatrack, it will look great… but not be all that valuable. (Speaking from personal experience, here… *that* piece of software never did me any good, and didn’t really seem to be that much more capable than many other competing products)

    I’ve seen these “wonder weapons” time and time again, and not one has worked as advertised, or worked for anybody I know at all, really. None ever come close to the hyped-up attributes and “be all, end all” capabilities. Call me cynical, but I’m not buying it.


    Besides, it’s going to be a huge outlay, and then it’s not going to work… if nothing else, from a technical standpoint. There will be compatibility and technical issues galore, most likely.

    I like Amish personally. I certainly wish I was making the kind of money he does. Maybe some day I will. And maybe this new whiz-bang really does what he says it does.

    But I, for one, no longer buy pigs in pokes. If it’s great, I’ll figure out a way to finagle myself into Version 2.0.

  4. Good point Karl… there’s always risk associated with being an “early adopter” and I think especially in this fast-changing industry, it’s easy to think that if we don’t get the first mover advantage, we’ll “miss out” on something… even if we don’t know what!

    I need to remind myself of my own advice, which I’ll share with everyone here now:

    Any time you see a new product/course/whatever come down the pipe, ask yourself this question – DOES THIS DIRECTLY FIT WITH THE PATH THAT I AM ON RIGHT THIS MOMENT?

    If the answer is YES then by all means, go for it. For example if your primary focus is affiliate marketing via paid traffic, with a particular leaning towards CPA offers, then this is obviously spot on for you.

    But if your focus is on blogging, or SEO, or product development, etc. I’d have to say this probably is NOT for you, and you would be better served staying focused on the current path you’ve chosen. You do NOT need distractions!

    And if your focus is just on “making money” then honestly, I think you’re in a lot of trouble! LOL

    My answer to that question right now is that this does not fit my current path this second. That’s a fact. It definitely fits with my near-term path (once LPGen2 and a few other smaller projects are out of the way) but that could easily be months away from now.

    Plenty of time to watch the early adopters and see how it works for them.

    Gotta get out of the mindset of “missing out” on opportunities. As someone once said – “The deal of a lifetime comes along once a week.”

    I’m just so damn eager to see it work as advertised! 😉


  5. I watched the video and was impressed. I also watched the video for StatsJunky and was impressed and look what happened there. I think Amish has a real great tool when watching the video, but how well it works for me is a big question. I didn’t hear a price, I didn’t hear anything about support, guarantee, training, etc. Nothing against Amish, he seems very impressed himself with it and I’ve really never heard anything bad about his products other than they are quite expensive. I’m going to take a wait and see attitude for now.

  6. We’ve already got “no brainer” software…all us BIG CPA Guys making money use it:)

    No sweat with swiping PPC ads, building quality LPs and blogs, etc…

    If you can click a mouse; it’s a magic bullet, right?

    Now let’s hire a team of monkeys to push buttons while on vacation!

  7. Karl,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s why I have gotten a refund for every one of these things that I’ve ever purchased – they never work.

  8. I’m looking forward to your LPGen2. I have version 1 and am quite happy with it. I evaluated for one year before making the purchase.

    Speaking of tools, I too spent over 18 years working for Big and small Silicon Valley companies. I built and sold tools. One thing I discovered was that the tools were meaningless without a process or a system to use them. Each customer used the tools that I sold in a different way.

    Before they bought though, the technical folks always evaluated the tool within their environment for fit and functionality. Then the finance guys would evaluate the tool for payback and ROI. Finally, the business leaders would evaluate the tool for strategic fit if the tool effected multiple departments and business functions. If the technical and business requirements don’t match, then they would not buy no matter how slick the sales presentation was.

    Online, I’ve noticed, newbies and some experienced marketers don’t go through the same due diligence when selecting tools. Perhaps this is why so many online “entrepreneurs” fail. They jump from tool to tool hoping for the “magic bullet.” Imagine if real corporations were run this way.

    Internet marketing is a business. The tools should be evaluated within the parameters of the business as a support function. There is no magic bullet in business.

  9. VERY good points Alex!! What a great approach to evaluating purchases. In the corporate world of course it’s all done by committee, but there’s no reason we can’t ask ourselves those same questions.

    I need to print out that paragraph and stick it on my wall. 😉


  10. Awesome Jay, I’m definitely itching to see what it can do, and if it also does any of the other wicked things you & I talked about last year. 😉 Looking forward to the release!


  11. I just watched the video and it looks pretty impressive (at least on the surface). At $3000 a pop, it’s a bit steap, but the $800 payments make it worth considering. I look at it this way: The key to this business is volume. The more campaigns you try, the more you test, the greater you chances of finding a profitable campaign. If this tool does most of the time-consuming parts of researching, creating, tracking and testing a campaign, than I’ll be able to test more of them. If it doubles my productivity, it pays for itself. Given it’s a full 6-week refund guarantee, I think it’s worth a try. I have no problem returning products that don’t work and don’t work for me. I’ve never returned anything that brought me real value.

  12. Mark,

    What do you mean by ‘I also watched the video for StatsJunky and was impressed and look what happened there’. Did that product fizzle?

    Mike Corso
    Cool Site of the Day

    P.S. JVC–happy new year! Will review/promote LPGen2 as soon as it’s ready.

  13. Hey Jon, I can see LPGen2 being used with blogs that the MB tool creates — pretty much the same way people are using it now with their own silo sites using WordPress or HTML sites. An optimized landing page without the disctractions of WP widgets and nav should help CTR to the offer page.

    Just wondering how well the silo site structure is working these days with all the Google ban insanity?

    Good luck with getting LPGen2 wrapped up!


  14. Fred -That’s what way to look at it IMO. If it works as advertised, then it’s a no brainer provided you actually use it. I can see it cutting an hour of work down to 10 minutes. Of course if you DON’T use it, then no price was good enough. =)

    Mike – Not to speak for Mark but I was also highly impressed with StatsJunky, and unfortunately they haven’t lived up to their promises and most of the people that I know who bought it, really don’t use it. Had such potential too, and the optimist in me wants to believe they will still come through some day.

    Rich – I don’t really know personally what’s going on with regards to Google especially, they seem to just be banning everything lately. Plus I’ve been so deep in the development trenches that I barely have any campaigns at all running now anyway! Can’t wait to finish LPGen2 and get “back to work” again. 🙂


  15. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your initial thoughts on MBS. As an owner of LPGen, I am excited about the prospects of somehow linking MBS with LPGen2 (or future upgrade). We look forward to updates on LPGen2 and your experience with MBS.

    Rock On!

  16. I’ve been watching you on top affiliate challenge, saw some episodes and you were the only guy who actually seems to preaches what he does and knows what he’s talking about so I’d be def. following you from now on. Cheers!

  17. Thanks Darko! 🙂 I go to great lengths to share information as truthfully and completely as I possibly can. Despite the label that some have slapped on me, I’m no “guru” I’m just a guy who has figured out a lot of ways to actually make a buck as an affiliate, and I happen to be really good at explaining what I figure out and developing software to go with it.

    Top Affiliate Challenge was quite an interesting experience, though it seems like it was lifetimes ago… glad to hear there are still some folks discovering it now!


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