Magic Bullet Seminar Half Price Ticket?

How’d you like to attend Amish Shah’s Magic Bullet Seminar for half price?

One of my LPGen customers contacted me and is going to be unable to attend the live seminar.  He plans to keep his Hexatrack software license, he just won’t be able to get to San Diego and would like someone else to take over that “half” of the event.

This means if you are someone who doesn’t care about the software, but would like to be able to be there live and in the flesh for half price, contact me ASAP or leave a message here on the blog, and I’ll put you in touch with the person splitting their ticket.

Amish has already been contacted about this and said it was no problem, so there’s nothing shady going on here.

The seminar dates are getting closer so if this interests you, speak up right away!


12 thoughts on “Magic Bullet Seminar Half Price Ticket?

  1. Hey Jonathan,

    Does Amish have an agenda yet? I would love to see it, because I might jump on this (if still available).


  2. Christopher: The regular price for the seminar + software was $4000 so I guess the half would be $2000

    Tora: I think this offer is only to attend the seminar with no software

    I confirmed my assitance to this event last week and I very looking forward to it.

    I believe it’s going to be a personal huge improvement since it will explain not only PPC but PPV (at last!) and media buys (which is were the big bucks seem to be made)

    Stay frosty,

  3. Hey everyone, thanks for the responses! Sounds like a deal has been struck already so the half price ticket is gone. Thanks for the interest and I’m glad I could help out the “seller”!

    Holly – Unfortunately media buying just plain requires money… however most people I know that do any kind of large dollar traffic buying do so using leverage, usually credit cards but often credit lines from other companies. I have a revolving $25k line with one of my main traffic sources for example, and I just keep rolling it over and over and paying it each time with credit cards to get more float and points, and then pay those off when the bill comes. It works great but obviously you have to be earning enough to pay everything off. Doesn’t work for long if you’re not net profitable. =)

    Getting into the CPA networks is pretty much the same game… the numbers I’ve heard are typically $50k to $100k/month is what the CPA networks want to see you paying out to make it worthwhile to really ramp you up. I don’t have any experience on that side of the CPA game yet though.

    Looking forward to seeing some of you in SD in a couple weeks!


  4. Can’t see the point in attending the Seminar if you can’t get the software licence … thats the secret to the whole plan : –

    HexaTrack PLATINUM with the capability to spy out an UNLIMITED amount of your own Niche Briefs from the web 24/7, while you sleep… one profitable niche after another, laid out for you, ready to exploit… and you don’t have to share them with anyone!

  5. I’d check to see if one can attend without having their name attached to the software license, as I understood that this was one of the main selling points and one could not choose to take either …. I know becaused I asked Amish.

    Anyway Hexatrack Platinum is the backbone to the complete picture and I think you would struggle to understand the concept going in unlicensed.


  6. Peter: Actually I think you could very well attend without the software.
    In fact the software in its full capacity was only given to the early bird registrants. So at least half of the attendees will not have the Platinum edition.

    At the seminar they will explain the main strategies they use and how they structured their business. You can implement them without the software but I see that having the software do part of the work for you is really an advantage.

    I am going to attend and I am really looking forward to it. I believe the CPA business is evolving and we need to know its direction to adjust our strategies as well.

    Is anyone else going?

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