Magic Bullet Seminar 2 Debriefing

I recently spent 5 days in San Diego to attend the second Magic Bullet Seminar hosted by Amish Shah and Jose Rivera. Personally I went primarily so I could get a change of scenery and a change of energy, after what has been an extremely rough first half of the year for me personally. The event itself was only 2 days but I stayed a couple extra days so I could hang out & mastermind with some of the speakers as well as some other industry insiders who were in attendance.

The event itself was fine, though in my opinion it lacked the energy of the first MB seminar last august. Something about that event was just magical, and for whatever reason it wasn’t there this time. There was still some really good stuff discussed, in particular the presentation on CPV I thought was excellent, and spelled out a lot of really solid advice.

For me personally, the star of the event was the networking outside of the presentations. In addition to getting to meet a number of my LPGen customers (which is always so cool as I rarely get out and it’s great to put faces to names and hear what people are doing with it!) I got to spend a good chunk of time at Amish’s new house, hanging out with him & Jose, Matt Harward, John Jonas, Keith Baxter, Matt Trainer, and a bunch of other more underground guys you probably wouldn’t know by name – but who seriously know what they’re doing.

I also got to make some new friends, and was introduced to things that some people are doing that really blew my mind. At least one in particular I’m looking into more thoroughly now, and if it holds up to more scrutiny then I’ll be talking more about it. I also got a little feedback on a top secret project I’m working on, and it was very encouraging. This is the true power of a trusted mastermind group… getting direct and honest feedback on new ideas from people that you know, know their stuff.

I’m glad I went to the event, though it was hard to be away from home for so long. I’m such a homebody and I really don’t care for unfamiliar, overpriced hotel surroundings. It was sure nice to come home again.

On another note… make sure you come check out the free Traffic Rockstars virtual tradeshow this coming weekend. I’ll “be there” in my virtual booth available to chat with anyone who stops by, and I hope that will include you! I’ll have some stuff to give away, and of course will also be presenting on the subjects of landing page & keyword research blunders. There promises to be a lot of good stuff being discussed at the 3-day event (May 14 to 16) and I know there will be lots of special deals available from many of the presenters as well, including yours truly. So make sure you go sign up, after all it’s free and I’d love to “see” you there! I’m just so happy I don’t have to travel for this one! 🙂



May 15 is my 37th birthday so I’ll probably do something special for everyone for the weekend too. Stay tuned!

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