LPGen2 Update

OK I know everyone wants to know when LPGen 2 is coming, but right this moment all I can say is “SOON”.  I hate not being more specific, but LPGen has a LOT of moving parts, and this is pretty close to a total rewrite.  We wanted to have it into the hands of the beta team over a week ago but there are a few nasty bugs that we need to squash completely before we can feel good about doing that.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that you wouldn’t want it released early, only to have it eat your landing pages or send traffic to nowhere.  That’s the thing about LPGen… it’s not like if there’s a serious bug, you can just not use it for a little while.  It has to be able to handle ALL your traffic, ALL the time, no exceptions.  So it has to be incredibly stable, something that’s not always easy to accomplish with software that has so many components.

So anyway, that’s where we are.  Consider that we’re about to go into Beta, but all the basic features are in place.  Hopefully the beta team doesn’t find TOO many issues, and we fix the ones they do find quickly, so you can all get your paws on it.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “LPGen2 Update

  1. Thanks for updating us about the progess of the next version.
    Take your time because we’ll be pushing this tool to its limits once is released 😉

    Has this version a different set of features than LPGEN 2.03-X (my current version)?

    Also if you need one more beta tester, let me know.


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