LPGen wiki module updated, win a MacBook Air

Looks like Wikipedia made a layout change that has broken the wiki.php module in LPGen.  This has no effect on WPGen.

If you use LPGen, go grab the newest version of the wiki.php module file and put it in your modules folder replacing the one that’s already there.  The installers that are available for download for LPGen now, have been updated already so for future installations, use those (or keep the new version of wiki.php handy).

On an unrelated note, if you want to enter a random drawing for a MacBook Air and would also like to be on the mailing list for Appsumo.com, you can opt in here to enter the drawing.  This is not a CPA offer so there’s no hoops to jump through, it’s just a simple random drawing so… what the heck.  Plus AppSumo has some pretty cool stuff too.

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