Looking To Buy Expiring Domain Portfolios

Wow I haven’t posted in quite some time… good thing I don’t consider myself a blogger!  🙂

So the point to this post is just as the title suggests – I am interested in purchasing domains that you own, that you aren’t using or plan to let expire.  I know I’ve certainly had plenty of domains that I bought for whatever reason and never used, and they just expired and went away.  If I could have recouped even a portion of my original costs before the time was up, I’d have been interested.

Now I’m offering you exactly that.  If you have any domains you want to get rid of – in particular domains with any monetizable keywords in them, I’d like to make you an offer on them.  I will potentially pay as much as $1 per month remaining on the domain if I really think I can make the domain work for my purposes.  Less desirable/monetizable domains will of course be offered less.  I’m particularly interested in bulk purchases of portfolios, so whether you have 1 domain or a thousand… if they aren’t doing anything for you or you plan to let them expire, let’s talk!

Primarily interested in .com, .net, .org, and .info but may consider other TLDs.


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